BLEED FOR LOVE / Poem by Stella L. Luna

Poem by Stella L. Luna



I am bleeding.
In this temporary shelter
My life keeps its value,
Empathy and human care
Hearts drenched in blood.

Like my arms and limbs
Running away torched,
Blisters, agonising heat
Are the swaths of forest lands
My sanctuary burning.
Run away.
Many I have left behind
Seen their morbid faces
Grimacing in pain.

The red skies hovers above
Billows of Smoke
Pillars of fire
Winds of heat
Embers of my lost home.
Run away.

I am alive .
I survive.
Where my baby goes ?
I don’t know
She survives too
I hope
Mama loves you.
I will sleep
And wake up
With her in my arms.
Thank you for your love.

(C) S.L.Luna
All rights reserved.

Photos: Conpiled by Anna Short
All rights to the owner of the photos
Please credit them when sharing.


A Message for Humanity
A poem to show you care may be a message of hope to save Australia. Donate , volunteer , support , pray. Pray for NSW , firefighters , volunteers and the wildlife . Those who have adopted these koalas . We love you our Aussie Brothers and sisters. Your resilient spirit lives. May the lives of the people be safe. And their lives comforted . May more of these creatures be saved. May rains come fast . God you are in control. These are in your hands.

Sorry if the photo bothers you, but we need to be more than bothered. Half a billion of the wildlife have perished , this includes the Mammals , birds, reptiles ). There are 4 million hectares of land the size oF Belgium and Haiti combined devastated . Humanity needs to act . The photos compiled by Anne Short will show the magnitude of this inferno. There are disturbing , agonising photos , and the spirit of the people alive . Heroes , unsung . We need to see this.

This is the link from Anna Short’s Facebook page post .

The world is heating up, just one of the signs of the last days , and God is speaking. He is in control. He can say to the fires, stop . He can tell the rains, come and wash the Earth. But He is in control. People just see this as climate change . People die of lack of knowledge , people perish due to their ignorance. These are the Signs of the times . The world is heating up. The world is at war . The birth pangs are here . Just as in the Days of Noah and Lot , these are the times we are in . Do we repent and come to Him now when there is still time? Lord have mercy on your people .

Love, light, hope, peace , mercy , grace for humanity .

Amb. Dr. Stella L. Luna
Watchman & Poetess
Ambassador for Creativity,
Peace and Humanity, IFCH
Global Peace and Humanity Community