Augustine Joseph (Dubai)

Augustine Joseph (Dubai)

Augustine, pen name Omni,
Age 40, Indian from Kerala, working in Dubai for 7 years, working as secretary in a construction company.
Been writing poems from 2016, started as a way to compile my thoughts then started making it into rhymes.
My inspiration comes mainly form my dreams and messed up fantasies, most subject I write about are, spirituality, love , divine hood, erotic, iam basically an introvert so I like to hide myself behind my creations. I am a vivid dreamer.


Goddess Prayer

“Open thy eyes like lotus, and behold, Oh mother
Goddess Kali, save me; Kill the greatest monster in me
Let all my fear be abolished in the blood of thee
In your eminence I walk my path of deliverance”

I live to gaze upon your solemnity,
To immerse in the vastness of your glory,
You truly are a rival for any manmade deities
An ethereal being emitting love & care.
Like a sun of the infinite heaven in bare

I am but a disciple to your alter,
Harmony can be found in your sacred spaces,
Liberty from cynicism can be attained in your feet.

made by your own spiritual cognizance,
daily met in the mists of morning prayers,
rising in the smokes to the high heavens.
Image of you in profoundness of a goddess,
is what I always praised you in all my songs,
Yet your body from Earth the link have with us,

Your Beauty hides from many illiterate eyes
seeking shelter in the myths & words of our arts
even as the world confronts that gods are better from books,
censoring the splendors of goddess living among our plain sights,
this mastery is granted to the few to confess the fantasies are true,
to identify the expression of divinity that inspires many cryptic stories,


Temptation or oppression

It all began in the ancient story of garden of eternal life,
Actually it was the end of paradise & the beginning of eternal scuffle called life,
A reptile became the head of evil for tempting some towards the tree of knowledge,
Yet the all knowing never knew what his favourite bearer was plotting in his behind,

For some it’s been a weapon for many it’s been an excuse
The sweetest dagger of all every one once wanted to fall,
Ready for one lick of it even with aware of its outcome,

We blame the women to be accomplice of deceiver,
Still proves man is so nave to decide than to blame on others,
Its in our nature without any creed or sex to be delude,
at this stage of this evolution everyone is just trying to endure,

we all are born to raise & fall, to explore & be aware from all idiocy,
to use simple logics amid indulging in desires or needs to see which one is morality,
life is worth when we falls & attempts to stand back means we on the right path,
when we falls yet accepts to gravel rather to recover we bound to suffer further,

Temptations a taste of suppressed pleasure & a life time succumbed to regrets
Its not the in devil’s book to work on temptations into human kind,
Rather our own mind trying to stabilize amid will to control & urge to be rogue,

still iam tempted to ask ,
Can it be, a story about how the reptile that released some from the garden of blind faith
into the new dawn towards self-knowledge, free-will, exploring to suffering & learning,
an independent life maybe??


Smiles & screams for Mr jester

I was once gem of the circus called by jester,
The charmer of flavors in smiles & tricks,
That made the kids & adults happy alike,
My antics, rides , juggles ,acrobatics
My coloured outfit with joyful loud smiles,
Made the crowd always Cheers & laughter,

Now i sits alone in a ward with my mute smiling partner,
strapped to the bed guess they either hating or scared of me,
Alone with thoughts evaluating What went wrong,
Why aren’t anyone laughing with my act any more,
Why this profession became a sudden big joke,
Or is the people troubled with life forgot to smile,

For a kick I added some fine dramatics as a surprise,
Guess that wasn’t much appreciated by the crowd,
All i did was to give their faces a smile,
just a scratch by a paper-blade to the edges of their face,
while telling them to’ loosen up your smiles please’,

now they all have a perfect smile carved with a slight red mess, can’t remember much as all those happened in a fuzz, it was sort of a fun to let go mind from that buzz,

heard lot of loud smiles as my right hand slide into their skins, while my left was being busy with holding their jaws open, Now they claim all of it was screeches of my victims,

bigots, they lie to shame my characters action,
am I crazy for giving them a lasting satisfaction,
I could see them happy in the end as they lay quiet,
May be it was of too much blood loss cauz they panicked,
I never lost my touch to make such grand finale,
On floor bodies scattered with pieces of skins littered,
They overpowered me before I could hit the grand stand,
Well they were insolent audience mocking my flair,
But with an up close preview they scrammed the hell clear,

Come on, a little fun never killed any, paper blade was just came in handy
To make them gave me proper attention, So that I can give them a finest entertain,

Guess now there wont be any one for me to make smile, I sit in this dungeons damp bed waiting for trial, With a stench around me I think its someone’s blood,
They say my sain walls are cracked from this smiling obsession,

for my critics jester have no regrets, till my last act I played well on my bets, And I promise till they put me down, this jester will keep them all smiling until the end.