After The Last Battle / Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro

Poem by NilavroNill Shoovro


After The Last Battle

It was a day I can remember still
Not any lone figure to be seen around
No sound around the eternal silence
Of the dead body, I knew so long,
So well and vivid in every detail

Even the southern wind was too timid
To break the silent corridors of silence
Hanging between the sky and earth
Like the mute spectators of tragedies
Troubled, yet to find out any clue or hope

Nobody had scheduled any funeral
There was nobody left either
Only the speechless morning sun
Shining forth out of habit only
Perplexed, didn’t know what to do

Those two eyes like the dead stones
Remained open like the empty deserts
Even without any questions like any-
Age old hypothesis of war and peace,
Remained clam like the crucified cross

It was only that dead body with the
Lost soul of mine, was lying there
All alone, in that lonely field of lost battle
Like the dead stars of the distant galaxies
Nowhere to reach or to retreat anywhere…

19th January’ 2020

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