Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Stranded by time
Me at a place
Unknown to me
In quest of paths to follow
Till I find meaning
To live my life
However unpleasant
It may be ;
Somehow my consolations
In the simple things of life
Now stand
In my way of perfection
Me lost in my way
And hammering myself
For making me
Straight and genuine.
Seasoned I am
But their chuckles and jeers irritate me
The triumphant flock roam here and there
Like fluttering wings sprightly
along the thick foliage
Across the vast blue sky aimlessly
And me stranded here losing my destination
Miles apart from the bliss
As the state of loneliness knocks my door repeatedly.
The marshy land and the pebbled path
Ahead of me look ridiculous and impossible
Sneering at a bandy-legged man in me
It seems for him a Herculean task
Silently singing the sorrowful song of life
While I sleep on in my slumber solemnly.
My sense of duty fleets by me
Sometimes unnoticed of untold sufferings
Seemingly invisible but can be sensed well
Also seen in my naked eyes
They glazed in the starry shine
In the late hours of the pitch dark night
Me absorbed totally
Felt myself submerged in the sublime sleep so gracefully !
I wish I could meet and communicate
With my innumerable dreams ,
So soothing, golden and green !
©® Dasharath Naik

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