Poem by Augustin Joseph

Poem by Augustin Joseph
she cuddles warm in her slumber
wrapped in all her soft clean fur
echoing such musical warm purr
her little frisky excited mitts
rested all curled into her tail
such relaxing makes my heart
sitting next to her closed in silent
looking onto to the windowpane
rain drops sliding on the clear glasses
surveilling in marvel as the world passes
relishing life reflecting in such tiny gaze
such relaxing my mind feel
her eyes the core of her innocence
Hiding all the colour of her cheesiness
Her timid mewing feels like mini mumble
her ears pointed towards any tiniest tumble
Snores matches with her fuzzy warm tummy
such relaxing to see my world heal
guess every introverts falls in love once
& sure cats makes exceptional in such romance
Copyright: Augustin Joseph

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