Poems by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poems by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma
How does it feel being me?
Watching from the clouds
And from the skies beyond
As I am living the dreams
Telling stories of your lips;
Time could not let you tell
How does it feel being me?
Hearing as I sing the melody
The songs burning inside you
Poem you wished you wrote
And laughter they tried to kill
When men of evil grabbed
Your children and treasury
You swing with morn’ wind
And chill on the even’ moon
You play with all the stars
And dwell in all the planets
Visualizing each of my drama
With smiles and satisfaction
How does it feel being me?
Returning love to the world
With pure peace and equity
How does it feel oh! my king
When you whisper your words
And I grab them all at a time
When you float on my mind
And I recognize you are the one
The root of my soul’s breath
And the wings of my destiny
Okeke Nze Obiasogu! Agu!!
The great Benevolent River!!!
More than a million diamonds
I want to make you proud
Shoot your name across the land
And write it on the sand of time
So when generations come
They will dance in your glory
Do stay through all my ride
And not for a while step beside
Fill my soul with endless energy
And let me dive into the oceans
Oh! great man now an ancestor.
A bee can’t make a cup of honey
So I want you right here, right now
Come let’s fill up all of our emotion
And bring down the stars we cherish
I’m cold, come burn down my snow
Please, come right now before I perish
Don’t be late, don’t be late my dear
Come on baby, come in your gear
Come right here, I’m waiting for you
Don’t be late, come in a second or few
I have nicely perfumed the bedroom
Come perceive the enticing fragrance
It’s lonely right here, I’m waiting for you
Don’t be late like the refreshing dew
I need your arms right in my arms
And your lips trapped by my lips,
I need you right here, close to me,
Close enough till I hear your breath
I need those fingers all over my skin
Your head on my chest and shoulder
I need your romance not innocence
I need my hands all over your body
And your back right against my bed
Don’t be late, it’s getting to midnight
Don’t be late, kiss me before I faint
Hug me before I go to bed tonight
So if it be my last it would be blissful
Oh! My love I’m calling like I’m dying
Please, tell me you are way coming
Don’t be late, just knock on my door
I’ve got the keys long waiting for you
Don’t be late, come right here, now!
Don’t let this feeling fade into time
No excuses, let’s have a perfect time
Don’t be late, please don’t be late
It’s right on my neck, I’ve got just you
Do trigger my sensation once again
Don’t be late, come right here my dear
Come be with me till I’m lost in sleep
(c) Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poezi nga Shkëlzen HALIMI

Poezi nga Shkëlzen HALIMI
Shkëputem si gjeth vjeshte
nga shtrati i larë me djersë dhe
ndjej se në shpirtin shkretëtirë
ndizen gjurmët e humbura
të yjeve të fikura.
Ditë e natë
ngjitet e ngjitet
dhe kurrë s’arrin
në majën më të lartë
të ëndrrës së tij.
Kur do të mbarojnë fjalët
kur s’do të dëgjohet jehona e kohës
kur do të shterë dashuria
kur dritën do ta mbulojë errësira
do ta ndezim zjarrin
për ta ndaluar perëndimin e diellit
mbi ëndrrën tonë.