Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


Even dough

A long journey of sadness
Challenges under the sun
Tumbling down, nervously
Walking with faith
Even dough flesh screaming out
Tears flooded the pavement
After all the darling spirit
Allowing again sweet breeze
Something to laugh
Friendly smile holding
Gratitude growing daily
With goodness and understanding
Courage and strength
Sweeter than gold
The price of kindness
Hearts craving for love



She’s not…
Dare you
Not at all
Dare you
You you
Evil you
She’s not………………



Let’s every single bird
Breathing freely
Continuously coloring
Light and beauty
A mixture of love and
Happiness kindly
Uplifting encouragement
Sustainability burgeoning
Maintaining love
Flying high crossing seas
Confidence growing
Unending gleeful breeze
Thoughtfulness caress
Illuminating the castle
The body and mind rejoicing
Without doubt hearts singing


Unending battle

Unending battle
Shiveringly trembling eyes
Ice cold, flesh distress
Sunless, cursing spring
Throbbing mind
Senseless steps
Hearts in flames
Searching for sky
Battling the clouds
Its beauty once again
Lost in ferocious winds
Damn it dreadful nights
Butterflies do cry

Jean C Bertrand

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