Poems by William Khalipwina Mpina

Poems by William Khalipwina Mpina
The graveyard blinks
The face of the graveyard blinks
at scrawny babies strapped
at the back of famished mothers
baking in black sunlight
A school of crows spread their wings into its mouth; their long shadows
Mouthing songs of victory, shoving their heads,
Craving for survival whose solutions lie in deaths
The face of the graveyard blinks, silently staring; its toothless mouth
Humming a fateful song
In defense of a virgin land
Replete with waves of dust
Whirling from caves of rust.
They are not at fault
Their sin is to be born here
And be prisoner not to see light
Always dozzing or grinning at their
own tear-filled eyes, their giraffes necks
Elongating to help them read
Names and count numbers
Of their enemies, too slow to see
What is amiss
They sculpt their eyebrows,
Twist their tongues for alms
Their faces drooping behind masks of gods,
Their front paws hidden in empty pockets,
Always staring at passer-by’s fat purses with gusto,
Saliva and sweat sinking down their white gowns.
Sleep child
The moon shines on our palms,
Lighting the placenta of sleeping memories, swishing of ill-thoughts
Chasing pitch darkness swelling
On the face of the parched earth
Small stones from the sky
Melt into drops of water on our Roofs to cool our burdensome hearts
Our bloody heels have knocked
Careless stones for ages
Shaking to the fright of
Changing seasons
The moon sets in the stomach
Of singing drums
In time for silence to return
Sleep child. Cry no more
Your mother will come
When the rooster ‘cries’ loud enough.

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