In Memory of Madan Gandhi (TO MADAN GANDHI) / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia


In Memory of Madan Gandhi

(a man, a living legend)
I met a man once
white his hair and sweet his gaze
telling of things near and far
great his charisma
each of his words
a pearl of wisdom
No much still
I knew of him
of his books, poetry
of the many essays written
the thousands of achievements
the fights against poverty
and in favour of the environment
of all the living beings
and almost I expected a man
full of pride
for his many virtues
He was sitting there instead
in his white garment
like a long life friend
and each time now
I go back to those moments
to that room with its flavours
of stunning beauty
I can still breath that air
full of many meanings
and things tangible and mysterious
my soul whispering
something familiar was there

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