Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



O youth !
Here’s conflict , there’s conflict
can we imagine world peace ?
Mystic soul ,hungry for mankind
O man of war ! O man of machine !
Why do we invite world war ?
Oh nuclear weapons ! Wounds of words !
Everyone ,busy to get fame
forget real aim
Come ,live together
Prepare culture of love , culture of peace
forget caste , forget creed
It’s universal need
Mistrust between nations
kill humanity , integrity passion
O God! bless us wisdom ,bless us peace

January 22, 2020



O God !
bless wisdom
to flowers
for intention of love
O leader !
check roots
search rotten fruits
poisonous environment
Air isn’t fresh
wind of politics blow hard
alert guard
Ah ! mob in the greed
nurtured and feed
O hawk ! take care of fense
cave is so dense
Sweet relish things are scattered
for empty stomach
Strong snakes may be found
or underground
Wall of hate is built
colour of fruits is silt
O gardener ! show your tallent
insect may be in the tent
Poisonous scorpion
hidden in the rain
wash dishes as human brain

JANUARY 28, 2020

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