Poems by Leonard Dabydeen

Poems by Leonard Dabydeen
Just cannot wait for groundhog tomorrow;
keep watching for the badger night and day
to see it coming out of the burrow,
only to blush with joy, Spring on its way.
With eyes gleaming, head ruffling wintry air
albino groundhog looks for its shadow,
then comes out in full view, nothing to fear;
Spring solstice transition will bring sun’s glow.
With pockets of seeds, trolley-full manure,
I wait to refresh and rake garden soil;
and plant perennials, tomatoes for sure;
glad that the groundhog went about its toil.
Soon it will be Spring, no more shoveling snow;
groundhog out of sight, my garden to grow.
I am at the cross-roads
where many paths
seem to lead me
where the grass
is greener
on the other side
or so it appears to be
every opportunity
is lingering with uncertainty
wrapped in vaulted vestibules
luring the mind
to slice
tentacles of doubts
I harbor certificates
to support certificates
those are all I have
waiting for Hope
like a desperate beggar
posturing by the fence
a penny today
is a penny for tomorrow
willing the mind
to move forward
where the future
is dancing in the wind
with lingering anticipation
I am at the cross-roads.

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