Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

Poems by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan
Self Analysis
I like wandering in tbought
like a guy
All over the earth
I love probing in to the depth of my mind
Like a sage sitting at a place
I love knowing what is the secret lying
In my heart
I love myself more than anything else in the world
No need to say that I am ego centred
I love to be cheerful like a child
Ready to forget anything done by any
As my heart is pristinely pure
What I think,I will get at once
Not only at childhood but also now
God never forsakes me
Now I know I am becoming a foreteller
Seeing things in advance what are likely to happen
Sometimes I feel exhuberant
Sometimes I feel desparate
Then I begin to set myself at ease
It is simple for I find god at close proximity with me to dictate what to do or
Now,I am at ease to watch everything passing by
Oh for love and friendship
The greatest therapy in the world
To heal our wounds
To revive our strength
To find joy in living
To soothe the minds of others
In distress,troubles or despair
How many times I am left in a lurch
I am at a loss to know what to do
Days and years passed
Bringing sweet changes in me
Light music,books of my choice help me to come out of the labyrinth of thoughts
Now I feel getting exhilarated to muse over anything in life.
The trials and tribulations
Shape my attitude to life
Becoming day by day stronger
Sharper and lighter I am graceful now
Now I can be a friend to anyone
To offer,solace,care and concern
For I believe in the therapy of love.
Heart with love
Shone through eyes
Seen through lips
Felt through glance
Made always tangible
Not through words
Mere expression
Of gestures
May be a wink
May be a nod
Is enough to go
On for ever.
A smile on face
Impacts many
Known or unknown
Need not be
Taken for love
A way to nurture
Without no life is.

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