DARKNESS AND LIGHT / Poem by Leonard Dabydeen

Poem by Leonard Dabydeen
In Birla House, his gatherings Bapu
Greeted with prayers, solace, and comfort
And cheerfully rose, clasping hands with few
Humming Vashnava Jana To in sort.
In frisky style Bapu exited door
To trail of family and friends in cue
To greet gatherers cheering by the score
Whispering, Ram, Ram, Sita Ram; Bless you.
Stepping out on the lawn, Bapu sparkled
A Light to the world beyond India
To sudden bullets from Nathuram, filled
With anger, darkness in the arena.
Assassination of Bapu blinded
This whole wide world, that is so corrupted.
Bapu ji
Suno suno aye duniya waalon, Bapu ki ye amar kahaani
Listen, people of this world, to Bapu’s immortal story…
(Mahatma Gandhi assassinated January 30, 1948)

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