The saint of Sabarmati / Poem by Bindi Sharma

Poem by Bindi Sharma
The saint of Sabarmati
A saint from Sabarmati King of kings of Indian independence
Who propounded the philosophy of satyagraha ,
Ahimsa ,untouchability , patriotism , swadeshi
Movement , non -violence pacifism
His years in South Africa shaped him and proved
To be the most Transformative time of his life
We revere him potentially divine
Wanted to see the change in the world .
Like Aldous Huxley thought he was anti science
And take humanity to primitive age
But he cautioned humanity against consequences of using science and technology
To eliminate humanity as a whole .
So he fought freedom with non violence
And proved there is alternative to war
And won freedom without weapons
Gandhi’s vision of independent India
Was based on religious pluralism
British empire partitioned beautiful
Peninsular into two nations ,
Sometimes I wonder if you were in our
Midst today
How and in what way could have taken
This present day upheaval ?
Gandhi’s vision was a combination of wisdom
And knowledge with nonviolence
Could perceive that India will rule the world with its compassion and love of Panchsheel ,
We are constantly on path of peace in harmony
And harmony in peace !!
Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved

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