WINTER WIND / Poem by Natalia Govsha


Lonely wind, flying

trying to enter,

seeks for shelter

and does not find.

Deeply sighs ….

Breath of wind, soft,

thaws frost

on the windows

with yellow eyes.

Touches the glass

with his cheek,

longs for heat.


that the yellow light

will warm him.

Everything existing

cherishes his loneliness.

But the wind

is piercingly searching,


and not knowing

who to say ‘Miss you’…


©Natalia Govsha

One thought on “WINTER WIND / Poem by Natalia Govsha

  1. Natalia, that was beautiful as are many if your poems. I cherish the book I bought of your poetry. I cannot day I love poetry but I am reading more since I found your book. Please don’t stop this beautiful art. You have a beautiful rhythm.

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