Fiorella Linda Gutiérrez Lupinta (Peru)

Fiorella Linda Gutiérrez Lupinta (Peru)

Fiorella Linda Gutiérrez Lupinta (Lima, 1985). Singer, actress, writer and poet. Language Therapist (UNFV). He studied Technical Nursing for two years (Instituto Superior Tecnologico Santa Rosa), carried out studies in Aquaculture Engineering at UNFV for three years and studied Theater at the Association of Amateur Artists.
He has conducted voice workshops for telemarketers, teachers and senior citizens. Author of the poetry book “Los Caminos de Florencia”, director of the cultural and digital magazine “Los Caminos de Florencia”, the cast of the theater Florence and the rock band 12 Universos where she is the vocalist.
His play “The unexpected arrival” has been published in the newspaper MILENIO de México in the column “Balurdo” and in national and international magazines, as well as being presented in the theater under his direction, representing one of the characters. He has also made a short film of his work.
His play “I want to be a musician” has been written especially for people with disabilities.
His poetic performance “Dextrocardia” has been disseminated by the museum or art gallery “Las Garzas Gallery” in Panama.
His poems have appeared in various national and international magazines and anthologies, in addition to participating in significant recitals for the Peruvian literary vanguard.
His poems FLORENCE, GEOMETRY OF LOVE AND MUSIC OF MY SOUL, have been analyzed by writers from Lima and Cuzco.

His texts and cultural activities have been and continue to be published in national and international magazines, blogs and media.
His poetry book “Los Caminos de Florencia”, has been presented at various book fairs in Lima and provinces. In addition, the book has been proposed as a reading plan in the schools of Huancayo and Cajamarca at a secondary level and appears on the Peruvian Books Portal.
Obtained Certificates:
Grupo Iberoamericano Sociedad y Cultura, for its outstanding participation as a teacher and lecturer in the theater-singing courses-workshops.
World Movement of Intellectuals and artists, as poet and speaker. (February-2018).
World Movement of Intellectuals and artists, acting as an actress. (March-2018).
In recognition of his participation as an exhibitor in the First meeting of poets, writers and plastic artists of the Ica region, as an exhibitor. (April-2018).
World Movement of Intellectuals and artists, as poet and singer (September-2018).
World Directory of Literature, History, Art and Culture, for its recognized merits in the Literary and Cultural field. (August-2018).
Proof of theater study for 1 year _ Association of Amateur Artists. (January _2018).
National Association of Writers, Artists and Intellectuals ANEA CHINCHA awards the diploma of honor in merit of having actively participated in the National meeting of poets, writers and artists. (October_2018).
She has been named as one of the 100 most outstanding writers in Latin America and the Caribbean, by the Hispanic Publisher of the United States. (November _ 2018).
World Directory of Literature, History, Art and Culture, for its recognized merits in the theatrical and Cultural field. (February_2019).
Social works: the singer has given a free theater-singing course-workshop at the Jirón Amazonas as a Teacher and Speaker. He collaborates with an animation show on special dates with José Faustino Sanchez Carrión School in Chosica for elementary school children and their mothers.
He currently works as a language therapist, actress, writer and poet. Make short films, teach singing and theater workshops. He directs plays, writes short plays, stories and poems.
He also teaches theater workshops for people with disabilities, in addition to participating in poetic recitals, theatrical activities, social works and everything that his art includes. His writings and other activities related to culture are published daily on his official Facebook page: Cast of Teatro Florencia.


Poems by Fiorella Linda Gutiérrez Lupinta



Your candid and pure gaze does not know of hatreds or evils that afflict the soul
you give your purest love without fear of giving it up.
You show your sincerity and innocence that accompany the experience,
knowing without fear, you are the flower that waters the purest feelings.
The trembling of your hands make you more tender,
Your white face looks like an angel’s
He hopes to see heaven at night.
You have changed your figure, your size has been reduced,
but you keep looking forward
You don’t walk like before, now you just rest.
You know that time passes, and yes it happens, but your soul does not change, still intact traveling the most beautiful winds there in the eternal skies.
Your portrait is engraved in my mind and you speak to me in my dreams,
I always remember what you said
Don’t cry for me, sometimes that is hard to keep.
All your stories were part of me restless look
I expected to hear your magical stories every night.
That melodious song, soprano record, pleasant to the ear,
The infinite creativity that you showed, and despite being tired you followed.
Your playful pinches, the patience you had, to take care of me,
The smile you showed when you saw me.
In bad weather things were reversed,
Now I attended to you
Now I was telling you
Now I sang to you
Now I lay you down.
One day I visited you in that place where everyone dressed in white and walked from one place to another, where ambulances sound, where people cry for their loved ones.
Your gaze had lost direction, your voice was muted, I couldn’t stand seeing you like that, I just hugged you but you didn’t recognize me.
The day of your goodbye was a bitter and sad silence, a pain accompanied by your face and your voice, dark photographs.

After those black, dull days, you always kept telling me how you are
I’m glad to see you again, even if it’s only in my dreams


They said … and I replied:
“No, I just want to be me”

They said …
copy the style of Virginia Woolf,
and I replied: No.

They said …
copy the Mario Vargas Llosa narrative,
and I replied: No.

They said …
that catches the literary figures that Saúl Ibargoyen uses
“Which I admire too much,”
and I replied: No.

They said …
to project the rhymes of Bécquer,
and I replied: No.

“Why do you say that?”,
the gentlemen asked.
I replied:
“They are my lyrics, my style, my narrative,
my literary figures, my rhymes,
The ones I want to capture on my canvas.
I can read the teachers, but not copy them.
I can learn from the teachers, but not copy them.
I can admire the teachers, but not copy them.
I can fill my eyes, heart and blood
of your letters, but don’t copy them.
My essence, gentlemen!
I want my lyrics to have my essence,
my life, my self. ”

They said …
use that fineness of words
that Julio Cortázar uses in his stories,
and I replied: No.

They said …
play to create verses
same as Juan Sabina
and I replied: No.

They said …
copy the musicality
what Rubén Darío uses
in his poems,
and I replied: No.

They said …
That way you’ll never get a Nobel Prize in life
as Gabriela Mistral did,
and I replied: Well sure … No.

They said … your poems are redundant.
They said … your poems require more style.
They said … your poems are very extensive.
They said … your poems are very simple.
They said … your poems are anything but poetry.

So I replied:

“Surely I will never match
or get to the heels of such great teachers,
but I will die happy, knowing that I wrote my poems: With little style, redundant, extensive, simple
and that sometimes they are not even considered poetry.
I know I’m going to die happy … ”

“Dying happy, why do you say that?” They asked.

I replied:

“Because I don’t want to kiss life, I want to make love to her. I want to be wrong, I want to be the worst, I want to be the best, I don’t want to create verses, I want to create verses, I don’t want to win any prizes, I want to win a prize one day, I want to be the absurd, I want to be the most logical.
I want to make a mistake and learn like that.
I want to believe in myself and learn like that.
I want to capture my soul and learn like this.

I want to rescue my words drawn in my brain
and my heart.
I want to show my lines and make the paper burn.
I want to stamp myself in my lyrics.
I want to die in my lyrics and revive in my lyrics.
I want to navigate in my letters and land in my letters.
I want to learn, yes, but not imitate.
I want to create my poems full of my life, not publish an inflated book of UTOPÍA.
I want my poems to adhere to life.
I don’t want to pretend, I don’t want to impose. ”

“And … so how do you want to write?”
the gentlemen asked.

And I answered:

“I just want to write with my soul,
I just wanna be me”.


The music of my soul

You sing and resonate in my body,
you play with the sphinx
and release all the melodies.

They dance the sands of the Arabian desert
with your enveloping perfume of Do, Re, Mi,
and all the musical notes
that exist and that do not exist.

Cheer up my magic castles
immersed in the beautiful Titanic
browsing with Bach music.

You are full of unattainable wonders,
as beautiful as: the mountains of Macchu Picchu
and the Pyramids of Egypt.

The colors you create in my life
they are more diverse than geraniums
Watered in the garden of my dreams.

You are everywhere…
Not only on guitar and piano.

You have such a pleasant taste,
similar to Peruvian pisco.

You create feelings of joy,
like when I saw the images
of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

You make me scream
until I create nodules in the vocal cords,
but I’m fascinated and nothing stops me …
You are the seed of my life.

Din, dan, sun, ten, bin,
the music of my soul plays,
in no order, without any aesthetic;
I just let him lead me as she wishes,
to be happy among his hectic melodies.

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