Poems by Luan Rama / Translated by Miranda Shehu-Xhilaga

Poems by Luan Rama


Where can I find a place where death can’t find you

For Vjosa Jakova

Where can I find a place to hide you
so death can’t find you mother
tell me my tenderhearted, where,
I feel its stench floating around with the crazy wind
striking over our heads like lightning,
I feel its heavy breathing
and its scream over the night’s sky,
its heavy steps, always searching…
Where can I hide you my sweet mother
with those pale eyes and ageing hands,
your long dried-up, numb breasts?
Come and hide inside me,
enter my blood stream and let’s become one,
my wounds your bed will be,
pale leaves of adolescence
that never rejoiced,
go barefoot and slowly through my veins
in the labyrinths where light awaits only you,
walk over the rivers of my gut,
watching the foam of despair
the red of my love for you
and my father’s eyes perishing behind bars,
a place where poppies have not faded yet,
go my sweet, rest in my heart
doors and windows are all left opened,
gates burning through the years…
Fall asleep when you get there,
I will not let death take you.
Father could not shield you,
my father with those meteor eyes,
but I can, I can stop death and can blind it,
I can overthrow this world,
for that, for years,
I have held this burning sun into my hands.
I will always shelter you my mother
my life-giving breast, the smell of milk
that I can still taste,
I will become your martyr mother,
not that of Christ,
I will become your saint! …


We didn’t have time…

We didn’t have time to talk my dear,
we only planted kisses on each other’s chests and fingers
and wandered over bodies of desire,
we didn’t have time to talk about it,
we just rang our bells
while they swallowed us whole inside.
We drank from each other’s sources
inhaled the nectar of our hair, eyes, lips
the sweetest, which has not been spoken even in the oldest papyrus!
Who are you, who am I,
we didn’t say, we only kissed,
drunk, more than Baudelaire from his poems,
we had no time,
even though it seemed we had known each other this whole life;
neighbors of love,
in this relative time we found Einstein!
Where did you come from,
from which part of this hot globe am I?
Who are you my love
with those burning lips at the other end of the world,
who are you – dream hanging over the ceiling of my house,
whom I open my eyes, to see and to greet?

We had no time to talk about our lives and loves
We… forgot entirely about time!


Translated by Miranda Shehu-Xhilaga

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