Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay (India)

Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay (India)
M.SC(Botany)M.A (Sociology, Political Science, Hindi), Ph.D
Ex-Scientist, N.D.University of Agriculture and Technology, Faizabad,(U.P), India
Hobby: Love reading, writing, composing, singing.
Publications on Amazon Kindle
1.Tear Drops
2.Emotional Tears
3.Divine Daffodil
4.Wings of poesy
5.O My Mother !
6.My Hundred ‘ I ‘
7.Diamond Pearl
8.Golden Pearl
9.Lovely Lily o
10.Bee Balm
11जब प्यार किसी से होता है
13राधा माधव विहार
14जनकदुलारी जानकी
15उमा शंकर विवाह मंगलमय
16श्रीरामचंद्र पद नहछू
17सौंदर्य लहरी
18.झूलन झूलैं राम रघुरैया
19.नयन नीर
20.उमड़ते आँसू
21.श्रीसीता विवाह मंगलम्
22.बैद्यनाथ विनय
23.अनेक में एक
25.कर लो सभी से प्यार
26.मुझे तुमसे मुहब्बत है
27.किसकी तीखी निगाह लगी
28.गगरी बैठ गई नदी किनारे
29.आनंद सूक्त
30.पंचम पुरुषार्थ
31.जान गया तुमको
32.भाव- सागर
43.प्रातः काल
44.वो चले गए
46. जगतजननी शतक
47.मैंने प्यार किया
48.भाव- धारा
49.परम सत्य
56.Sweet Emotions
57.उमड़ती करुणा
58.Enjoy Christmas
59.How much love!
Hindu Religious Traditions of Ayodhya
Antiquity and Historicity of Baba Baidyanath temple of DEOGHAR
A. Poetry conversion of:
1. Brahmasutra
2. Srimad Bhagvat Gita
3.Durga Saptashati translation in Hindi poetry form.
B. Poetry conversion of Upanishads:
4. Prashnopanishad
6. Mandukyopanishad
8. Tatyetittriyopanishad
10.Saraswati Rahasyopanishad
Book Introduction Writers:
a) Dr. Shree Krishna Upadhyay’s work Sri Sita Mantraath
b)Sri Ramadhaar Das’s work Sri Raam naam dharashtak
C) Introduction writer of Membis Godwin Chukuwamma book
Dr. Shree Krishna Upadhyay’s work Shaiv and Shaakta Bhaav in Ramcharitmanas and Sri Sita Mantraath
Current :
50 songs on YouTube posted
Poems on Poem hunter com.
Poems translated into various Indian and foreign languages such as: Albanian, Greek, Portuguese, German, Spanish, African Lgbo, Yoruba, Bengali, Italian, Assamese, Urdu, Filipino etc. in more than 25 languages.
Extra: Several poems published in Anthology of the poetry books.
POETRY conference: In June 2019 at Puri poetry festival as a chief guest honoured with awards.
Why restless ?
I have not seen you but why restless?
Want to see you once,not more,
When I hear your voice,
so sweet and melodious,
Heart wants to entrap you in my flesh and bone.
When I get your picture, try to hide within heart,
Kiss over and again, as I got you without any effort,
O my dear beloved,I feel, you have been made for me only,
Never I felt such a emotions for you and me.
Your lovely looking face
enchant me very much,
Your sweet lovely words entrapped me for ever,
Your sweet eyes intrude into my soul.
O my dear! Come soon, embrace me soon.
Tomorrow never
Tomorrow will never come,
What you have to do,
Do today,
Do not wait, o my dear!
Tomorrow is very far away.
Life is for short period
Never feel pride ,
Time does not abide us ,
Every moment passing by.
Time and tide waits for none,
Enjoy every moment as it comes ,
No any fixed path or
any difinite way.
But path to above only one.
If you have come to the world ,
Have sweet melodious word,
Spread the message of
social services and
Love and affection waves
Smoothlly .
No any wish
I neither want to go to beautiful heaven,
Nor have fear of hell.
I know it very firmly
All your creations very well.
Nobody is supreme than you,
No one is inferior than me,
So, I bow my head to all,
In a word, you only all in all.
I want to see love only,
I have sweet dreams only,
I wish, o my dear lovely!
In all, I want you to look well and
very lovely .

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