Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska (born February 3, 1979, Bitola, North Macedonia) is doctor of pedagogy, and she works as university professor at the Faculty of Education-Bitola, St. “Kliment Ohridski” University-Bitola, North Macedonia for the courses: Methodology of Teaching Language Arts, Creative Writing, Critical Literacy, Methodology of Teaching Early Reading and Writing, ect. She is co-founder of the University Literary Club “Denicija PFBT UKLO” and also of the Center for Literature, Art, Culture, Rhetoric and Language at the Faculty of Education-Bitola. She is a member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, and The Bitola Literary Circle, and president of the Macedonian Science Society Editorial Council. She is the editor in chief of the literary journal “Rast” issued by the Bitola Literary Circle, and also an editor of the International Journal “Contemporary Dialogues” (Macedonian Science Society), and “Literary Elements” Journal (Perun Aptis), several poetry and prose books. Besides her scientific work published in many international scientific journals, she writes poetry, prose and literary critics. She has published one prose book: “Coffee, Tea and the Red Sky” (2019), and 6 poetry books: “Word for the Word” (2014), “Poems for the Margins” (2015), “Black Dot” (2017), Footprints” (2017), “Three” (2019), and “The House of Contrasts” (2019). She has won special mention at the Nosside World Poetry Prize (UNESCO, 2011), the award for the best poem at the Macedonia Writers’ Association Festival (2018), “Krste Chachanski” Prize for prose (2019), and “Karamanov” Poetry Prize 2019.
The light sees us with our-own eyes
with open heavens and hands reaching for God
without keys and lines the notes are singing in us
lifting the chest of the man
that exhale us
the universe creates perfect music in us
when we feel that we are not alone
with the time’s rain drops
and a chamomile tea bag
I washed out all of the pain
that lived on the lower jaw
under that street
with unriped and loud conifers rolling on her body
my breathing stayed imprisoned
among the iron rails
of the days without a name
I had bitten the apple only once
and I got pinched by the word from the pentagram inside
and from the tree up above your head
I told you that you are nude
and that you don’t need anybody
and that you can give birth to Adam all by yourself, now
and I gave you leaves so you could imprison yourself in a cage
in walnut shell – with transparent synapses

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