Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Within cusp of cosmos
I do exist to grapple breath of blue
wrapped in emptiness of nowhere,
for quest to ingrain art of cadence hidden in deepest core of cascade,
flowing in abundance across here there of universe,
in redolence of eternity.
never I say time is mine to treasure in cycle of curve onto dregs crave resigned in haloness of lotus
to gather drops of beauty to redeem
yet to nowhere,
like falling mists over the mire of dew to meditate into nowhere.
Where is the opacity to blanket on shore of silence
night when triggers shell of darkness to hide bough of void in chest of blue sky !
None seems nowhere to make a glance into bounty of stars dazzling in far off land to enlighten solitude.
eyes of beholder inveigle embodiment of rainbow for light of beauty to brace up heart of silhouette ruffling in saga of silhouette
Unstinting memoirs
yet lost into no oblivion to suspire into spring of colors
as deferred by the instinctive vibe of obscurity then there yet now nowhere,
for blaze of glory to beacon on milky way to gravitate into hush of home
like spark of moon over mellow soft of tide
as bequeathing to billow.
by vortex of blue,
mire of whisper still resounds in vale of eons and eras in redolence of skittering shadow,
as blurred into distinctive aura of illusion.
haloness of evening breeze bestires to touch silken toss of green resigned
yet accorded in valley of falling dew severed from soul of consciousness
yet intoned never and ever.
Beneath cosmic
time fluxes to prolong into nowhere
in quest of nothingness to dissolve mighty preponderance
over the unstinting vale silhoutte crying into haloness blossomed in heaven
yet by the pivoting upon quantum gravity with symmetry of buoyancy longing to belonging onto no grasp of solitude.
Let me sleep until dregs of night to gather musky dreams caressed on lap of moonlit mellow sheltered beneath veil of shy,
as whitest hue may uplift from soliloquy of sorrow to toss upon soul of green.
Yet let me wait in room of guests to feel your patterned besotted to serene bliss!
let me lie unsleeped onto dead end of tangent to tie like circle of no circumspection.
Let mighty bondage of unison yet deferred to another time for my love eternal to reel through like cascade of cadence reaping like tide over crest of glory undaunted and avowed!
@dr.subhendu Kar.

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