Irina Lucia Mihalca (Romania)

Irina Lucia Mihalca (Romania)

Date and place of birth: 05. 05. 1967 – Piatra Neamt – Romania
Residence: Bucharest

Education and Training:

Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest-specialization Finance-Banks-Economic Management
Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest – post-graduate course – Women in the business world
Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest – post-graduate economic management course
Polytechnic Institute of Iasi -Faculty of Chemistry-specialization in Chemistry of Anorganic Chemistry

Editorial experience:


2012-2016 Magazine “Actualitatea irl” – Dublin-Ireland, editor departam. culture
2010-2011 The virtual-literary journal “Stone cliffs” – editor-collaborator,
“Prose reader” – editorial secretary
2002-2005 “Era of Communications” IT Revue – Software from A to Z – editor-editor


2017 – The National Contest of Poetry Ones Poetry POETSIA – THE SOUL OF THE SOUL, The Program “For the Culture of the New Dudeştii Noi 2017”
2016 – “Nomen Artis” Prize-International Poetry Competition “Traveling Through the Stars”, 1st edition, Onesti, 2016
2014 – Grand Prize – poetry section – The International Art & Life Japan 2014 Contest;
2014 – Prize of the Vinea Publishing House – Manuscript Section – XXXIII edition of the National Contest of Poetry and Critical Interpretation of the Eminescu Work “Start Luceafarul”;
2014 – Mention – The national poetry contest “Easy is not the song” organized by Asoc. Cultural “Duden’s Hearth” and “Literary Syntheses”;
2013 – 1st Prize – Armenian Poetry and Music Festival “Light of Mother Teresa” and “Constantin Belimace”, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, Departam. Policies for Relations with Romanians Abroad – Skopie, Macedonia;
2011- 2nd Prize – The Prophet’s Steps, Second Edition – Cenaclu Lucian Blaga, Sebeş;
2010 – 1st Prize for the National Literary Contest, Poetry, Prose and Scenario Contest “IDC 2010”, 1st edition – romantic poetry section – winning finalist;
2010 – Mention -publication “Literary Algorithm”Contest of poetry, nov.2010 “Poetry and Soul”;
2009 – Essente Magazine – participation and publication contest poetry and prose, publication of texts in a collective volume.

Books, articles and publications


” The Sky from my heart”, Eurostampa Publishing House, Timişoara, 2017
” Beyond the Wing of the “, Muşatinia Publishing House, Roman, 2016
” Alliteratia timpului”, volume of online poems, Cultural Signs, 2012

Anthologys of poems and prose:

” Red Mocnit”, anthology of poetry, under the aegis of “The House of Thought-Cleopatra”, Ed. Rovimed Publishers, Bacău; 2014
” Autograph for m (a)”, Anthology “Cultural Marks”, Adjud, Cultural Harmonies, 2013
” Lyrical meridians” (The wings of dream” ) – Contemporary Romanian Poetry Anthology, Publishing House, ARMONII CULTURALE, 2013
2013 “A Day as a Poem” – Annotation 2013 dedicated to the international day of poetry
2012 “The Marks of a Silence” – anthology of poetry, Ed.Rovimed Publishers, Bacau;
2012 “Temporary Fingerprints” anthology of poems volume 2, Ed. Doducocenter Bacau 2012 – coordinator Cronopedia
2012 – Anthology of poetry and prose “Lyrical Conflicts” – Pim Publishing House, Iasi, 2012
2011 – Anthology of poetry “Art Torn” – 73 contemporary poets – coordinate. Valentina Becart, ARHIP ART Publishing House – Sibiu
2011 – The Anthology of Verses “The Chain of Friendship” – Ed. Contrafort – Craiova 2011
2011 – Children’s Literature Anthology “Flying Carpet”, Online Collection Prose Reader…
2010 – Anthology of poems – “Signs” – Docucenter Publishing House – Bacau 2010
2010 – Anthology printed by poetry of the winners of the national literary contest “IDC 2010” – the romantic poetry section, the electronic anthology of the amateur writer in Romania

Publications in literary journals:

“13 Plus” no. 181/2016, Iasi
“Absolute” no. 6, Oct. 2011; national journal of culture and opinion, Bucharest;
“Literary News” no. 3, Jan 2011;
“Irl News”, weekly publication, Dublin – Ireland, 2013-2016;
“Literary Agora” no. 14, March 2012, Cluj;
“Literary Algorithm”, no. 3, dec. 2010; no. 5, 2012; Hunedoara;
“The Alternative” The Alternative / L’Alternative, nr.124, febr. 2014, Toronto-Canada
“Alternatives”, no. 2 (7) Apr 2015, Munich-Germany;
“Apostrof- nr.3 (262) an 2012; 10 (257) 2011; 4 and 6/2015, U.S.Cluj Magazine
“Literary Transylvania” no. 3-4, 2012; No.1-2 / 2014, Asoc. Writers, Deva-Hunedoara;
“Cultural Harmonies”;
“Arumunet Albania” no. April 25, 2013, Dureres – Albania;
“Ateneu” Magazine Bacău, nr. 4, 2012;
“Atelier Liternet” 2011;
“Banat” no.12 (96) December 2012; Lugoj Timis;
“Literary Bessarabia” – December 2012 – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;
“Bogdania” no. 25-26, July-August 2016, Focsani-Vrancea
“Boema” no. 66, August 2014, under the aegis of A.S.P.R.A. – Galati;
“Literary Bucovina” no. 1-2 (251-252), Jan-2012, Suceava;
“Bucovina” – Chisinau – Rep. Moldova;
“Silvanic notebooks” – January 2013, March 2015 – Zalău, the magazine of the US;
“Citadel”, publication of the North Writers’ Writers Association, no. 4-7 and 2012; no. 8-12 (46-50) Aug.-Dec. 2012; no. 81-83, Jan. – mart. 2014 – Satu-Mare;
Chronicle ian-febr. 2014, Iasi, culture magazine;
“Chronos” ~ Golden Penny, no. 1, March 2013, no. August 8, 2016
“Literary Climate”, Târgovişte-Dâmbovita, nr. 45 and 2011; no. 4-7 (42-45) 2012; no. 71 Oct 2013; no. 75, Febr. 2014; no. 80-83, July-Sept 2014;
“Clipa,” edition 1112, Feb. 1, 2014, Anaheim-USA, independent journal of socio-political information and culture, edited weekly US.
“Literary Corner”
“Romanian Conflicts”, Bucharest
“Diamantine constellations” no. 3/2012; No.12 (28) dec. 2012; 2 (42) / 2014; No.10 (50) Oct 2014; nr.11 (51) nov.2014; no. 2 (54) Feb 2015
“International contact” 127-130 January – 2015, Iasi;
“Counterattack” no.33, Dec.2014, Adjud, Vrancea;
“Literature Nest” nr. 8/2011;
“Literary Donations”, Orastie, no. 5, oct., Year 2013; no. March 10, 2014;
“Literary Destinations” 41-43 April-June 2013, 48-49, 2013-51-57, Jan.-March 2014, 52-54 April- 2014- 55-58 July-Oct 2014 59-60, Nov.-Dec. 2014, No. 60-62 January-March 2015, 63-66 April-June 2015, Jan-March 2016, Montreal-Canada;
“Dor de dor” nr.1 / 2012, literary magazine, Piteşti-Argeş;
“Dunărea de Jos” no. 161, July 2015, Galati
“Ethos”, 2014, Toronto-Canada;
“Ex Ponto” No.3(44) July-Sept.2014, under the auspices of U.S.Dobrogea Branch, Constanta;
“Family” – monthly magazine of culture, founded by Iosif Vulcan, feb 2013;
“Our Family” 2012, 2013, Tel Aviv Israel;
“Family” no. 2345 / 09.01.2012, Rishon Letzion, Israel;
“Feedback” no. 3-4, March-apr. 2014; no. 9-10, Sept.-Oct.2014; Iasi;
“Stone cliffs”, monthly from 2011-2013;
“FRATE Association d’Entraide Franco Roumaine de Toulon” – 29 Sep 2013
“Colorado Beetle” USA January 2018
“Grailu Armanescu” no. 1 (46) 2012, Skopje – Macedonia;
“Hellis” mart-apr 2015
“Hyperion” no. 7-8-9 (243-244-245) and 2014, Botoşani;
“Inedit” no. 2, trim. II, 2012, City;
“Codrenee springs”, 2011-2013, Baia Mare;
“Luceafărul” year 2013, 2014, Botoşani
“Light” May 22, 2016
“LitArt” no. 11 (56) nov. 2014, U.S. Culture Magazine, Târgu-Mureş;
“Lohanul” no. 4 (32) dec. 2014, cultural and scientific store, Huşi-Vaslui;
“LEVURE LITTERAIRE” no. 7, 2013, Paris – France;
“Melidonium” – Roman-Neamt, 2011-2016;
“No.14 plus minus”;
“Black on White”;
“Nomen Artis” 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015
“Literary North” No 2 (117) February 2013;
“Observatory” September 25, 2014, Toronto – Canada
“The Literary Mirror” no. Jan 31, 2012; no. April 12, 2012; no. 154, October 2014, culture, civilization and attitude magazine, under the auspices of USA, Focşani – Vrancea
“Omniscop” May 2012; May 2014; August 2014
“Onyx” No.4, year 2013; No.9-10, sept.-oct. 2014; No.11-12 (27-28) Nov.-Dec.2014; no. 15-16 ian.febr. 2015, Dublin – Ireland;
“Pagini Româneşti” no. May 2014, Auckland, New Zealand;
“Poetry” no. 3 (61) 2012; no. 4 (62) 2012, under the auspices of U.S., Iaşi
“Măiastra Portal” no. 4 (37), year 2013, Târgu-Jiu;
“Rapsodia” no. 119, July 2014; no. 120, August 2014; nr.121, sept. 2014; nr.122, oct. 2014, Sibiu;
“Radio Metafora” oct. 2012, Montreal, Canada;
Radio Melbourne – Australia
“The roots of love” no. 2 aug. 2014; US
“Kingdom of the Word” no. 1-2 nov.-dec. 2011;
“New Review” No.1 (70) 2012; 4 (77) year 2013, Câmpina-Prahova;
“Rocada”, no. 6, 2013;
“Romania Ta Diaspora”, published monthly 2014-2015, Miane-Italia;
“Literary Salon” no. 83, and 2014, Odobesti-Vrancea;
“Sansa”, march 2, 2013;
“Good Signs”
“Eroica Sphere” no. January 2, 2013; Craiova
“Singur”, Oct. 13 2014, Targoviste – Dambovita;
“Literary Syntheses” No.3, Nov. 2013; May 3 (8) May 2014; Dudeştii Noi – Timiş;
“Cultural spaces” no. 30, 2013, Râmnicu-Sarat, Buzău;
“Suspans” no. 30, nov. 2012;
“Literary Târgovişte” nr. 1-2, Jan.-June, 2014, Targoviste, Dambovita;
“Our Tribune” no. 85-86, apr-sept. 2014, Montreal-Canada;
“Urmuz” no. 2, Febr. 2014; Campina, Prahova
“Fireplace”; ” The dream “;
“The Day of Constanţa” from January 2014 to 2016.


Poems by Irina Lucia Mihalca


A story, a state, an emotion, a dream

A story can go on
in other places or times too!
A white thought in the delusion of the letters ~
Where are going
our footsteps lost in the fog,
in the plains of immaculate snow?

How far away, the silver dance of the flakes on the genes,
a shroud of stories from the breath of the gone souls!
How far away, the angels leave the wings impressions,
how far away, the ice flowers drawn on the windows!

The soul is looking for its mate,
not finding it on the ground,
in Heaven, among the angels, he seeks it.
So the words between us, silence and cry,
Will they ever talk again?

They are in us, they who are gone, they who are present!
Glows of light from the wormy past glow.
If you’re in someone’s mind
something from you has been transferred there!
In round pearls, all the drops are changed,
in distant memories
the branches of crying shallows swing.

Like the dream from a dream, like the eye of the tear,
life is a story, a state, an emotion, a dream!


O poveste, o stare, o emoţie, un vis

O poveste poate continua
şi-n alte locuri sau timpuri!

Un gând alb în delirul literelor ~
Oare, unde duc urmele
paşilor noştri pierduţi în ceaţă,
în întinderile zăpezilor imaculate?

Ce departe, dansul argintiu al fulgilor pe gene,
crâmpeie de poveşti din răsuflarea sufletelor plecate!
Ce departe, îngerii ce-şi lasă amprenta aripilor,
ce departe, florile de gheaţă desenate pe geamuri!

Sufletul este în căutarea perechii sale,
negăsindu-l pe pământ,
în Cer, printre îngeri, îl caută.
Tac cuvintele între noi, tac şi plâng,
Vor mai vorbi vreodată?

Ei sunt în noi, ei cei plecaţi, ei cei prezenţi!
Sclipiri de lumină din caldul trecut licăresc.
Dacă eşti în gândul cuiva
ceva din tine s-a transferat acolo!
În perle rotunde se preschimbă toate picăturile,
în depărtate amintiri
crengile sălciilor plângătoare se leagănă.

Ca visul din vis, ca ochiul din lacrimă,
viaţa-i o poveste, o stare, o emoţie, un vis!


Tomorrow’s too far

Blue tears the midnight dropped,
in her transparent silence
we travel to the stars, it’s a call,
a desire groan from the light.

All come unseen to the center,
though they all see them away from him!
The turbulence of life attracts them – concentric circles,
sprinkled with leaves in the water mirror.

Like leaves are people,
the life take them like the wind!

In the struggle of destiny,
away from us, we are taken,
on the wave of thought we receive the answer.
Stop one petal, throw it on the water of life!

Every thing demands his time,
every dream his dream,
every emotion her emotion,
everything is just a flowing state!

Beyond the field is flowing
a great river,
gather many rivers in his way!

Do not be afraid of dreams, nothing can hurt you,
neither the thought nor the word,
nor the sunshine
that passes through the mirrors of time!
Tomorrow is too far…

Beyond the fences, scattered
by the wind of the wind, every petal is alive.


Mâine e prea departe

Lacrimi albastre miezul nopţii a picurat,
în tăcerea ei transparentă
călătorim spre stele, e o chemare,
un dor crescut din lumină.

Toate vin nevăzute spre centru,
deşi toţi le văd depărtându-se de el!
Turbionul vieţii le atrage – cercuri concentrice,
presărate cu frunze în oglinda apei.

Nişte frunze sunt oamenii,
îi duce viaţa precum vântul!

În bătaia destinului,
departe de noi, suntem purtaţi,
pe unda gândului primim răspunsul.
Opreşte-o petală, arunc-o pe apa vieţii!

Fiecare lucru îşi cere timpul lui,
fiecare vis visul lui,
fiecare emoţie emoţia ei,
totul e doar o stare ce curge!

Dincolo de câmp curge
un mare fluviu,
adună multe râuri în drumul lui!

Nu te teme de vise, nimic nu te poate răni,
nici gândul, nici cuvântul,
nici raza de soare
ce trece prin oglinzile timpului!
Mâine e prea departe…

Dincolo de garduri, împrăştiată
de aripa vântului, fiecare petală e vie.


A girl crossed your time

On the coin beat then
the year was wrong,
a song from distance calls you,
her poetry has been hidden in you,
only her dream you carry into your soul…

A girl crossed your time –
recollection of another time or just
a temporary passage through a new time.
This is the mystery and the key for her time!

Her light blinked at night,
traveling together,
from earth to earth,
you didn’t recognized her,
but you read the fire from her hand –
that you were born without a chance
to be loved and to love
beyond life and death…

It’s getting dark. You are trying to redo her path
even if she has not reached her soul’s sky,
neither did she hold the stars in her hand,
there was not even a whisper,
only the whisper of the moments and the blood of the lips.
But the thirst does not quench it!

Among the trees the wind carries
the sighing of the leaves on the alleys,
– the curse of so much life lost,
not having the petal foundation built.

In your eyes in the color of time
you only remember the moment of dreaming.
What do you have today,
tomorrow can be a great pain!

A white pigeon from the wings beats and flies,
you hear a tune,
and look forward spelled – big circles,
in the water mirror, made the wave,
the banks slowly move away,
from the shadow, the otter towards the light.

No return, relieved of burdens,
the soul is broken, now, in the thin sky,
in the skies beyond heaven they will be united in oblivion.


O fată ţi-a traversat timpul

Pe moneda bătută atunci
a fost trecut eronat anul,
o melodie de departe te cheamă,
poezia ei s-a ascuns în tine,
doar visul i-l porţi în suflet…

O fată ţi-a traversat timpul –
reamintirea unui alt timp sau doar
o trecere temporară printr-un nou timp.
Acesta-i misterul şi cheia timpului ei!

Lumina ei a pâlpâit la ceas de seară,
călătorind împreună,
pe pământ înspre pământ,
nu ai recunoscut-o,
dar focul din mână i l-ai citit –
că te-ai născut din neşansa
de a fi iubit şi a o iubi
dincolo de viaţă şi moarte…

Se lasă noaptea. Încerci să-i refaci traseul
chiar dacă nu şi-a atins cerul sufletului,
nici stelele în palmă nu le-a ţinut,
nu se auzeau nici măcar şoapte,
doar foşnetul clipelor şi sângele buzelor.
Dar setea nu ţi-o potolesc!

Printre copaci vântul îşi poartă
suspinul frunzelor pe alei,
– blestemul rătăcirii atâtor vieţii,
neavând construită fundaţia de petale.

În ochii de culoarea timpului
reţii doar clipa visării.
Ce ai astăzi,
mâine poate fi o mare durere!

Din aripi bate şi zboară o porumbiţă albă,
o melodie auzi,
priveşti înainte vrăjit – cercuri mari,
în oglinda apei, face valul,
malurile se depărtează încet,
din umbră lunecă luntrea înspre lumină.

Fără întoarcere, uşurat de poveri,
sufletul e desprins, acum, în cerul subţire,
în cerurile de dincolo de cer se vor uni în uitare…

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