Poems by Hector Genotype 

Poems by Hector Genotype 


A woman

A woman is like a sundew
whose brightness drops like a liquid,
she is like a fragile earthen,
delicate as the first dew.

She has a willowy loin,
a daisy heart,
and encircling body fringed with locks that glistens

A female is striking,
titivates with clusters of reds,
variegates of whites,
in the midst of a pink ensigns that blossoms

She appears undisruptive,
but her foliages are lethal…

The gleaming wetness of a female is sticky
and will incarcerate any male that pat !

Despair to the chap that dare slam by,
who boogies to the rhythm of her voluptuousness
for he will resist for infinitesimal air!

Stuck between her thighs are pulsating throbs,
where she can trap any man like a fry,
in there are qualms, ruins and death verbatim
then the innocent looking woman will feed on her victim!

for a woman is like a sundew
whose bright drops are delicate like the song , hue!


The heart/soul charmer..

Go and shew the joe-public again,
those ladies you’ve been seeing
and hearing
about me….

They were images of love depicting
my art works ..and my gospels , poetry
has been preached via them.

Blessed is he and hers
shall not be offended in me

Go and shew them again and again..

The heart brokers,
the hearts menders
the one month stage
that bent my knees

Go and shew once again the Minor’s
those who burros its like flesh
and blood

Go ! , and tell them,
Mnyimdevu kopke and kovu,
ask them while they idled there
asking how they tarry lingering,

ask them never bring, their biggest ukuleles
those that are alike like alleles ,
the alternative form of a gene

make haste the rooms
cleans with sponges and brooms,
tell them , the joe-publics
that the heart soul charmer is come!


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