Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha



I traced my own name
Above the surface
Of musical echoes
Of your heart beats.

I lighted a candle
Of my sweet love
Inside the temple
Of your heart.

I really intended to kiss
The luminous sun beams
That reflected from
Your glorious and
Elegant beauty.

Your long blonde hair
Cascaded below
Your splendid thigh
Weaved along
With wind
In honour
Of me.

Rhythms of my poem
Spring from
Your beauty.

Rhymes of my voice
Emerge from
Your speech.

Eternal is a word
My heart spells
For your love.

A new language
I need to create
For your clarity.

When you approach me
With a sweet smile
Forest catches fire.

I captivate golden dawn
To present you
As a precious gift.

Contents of my poem is you
Hence your essence is due
As an eternal guest.

Let me wrap your beauty
To enclose inside thirst
Of my eyes.



Believe me ! I lost entity of my own shadow
When I followed shadows of so – called greats .

Sometimes Nietzsche ruled my fresh mind
Sometime Jesus appeared to rectify them.

I intend to perceive myself as Buddha
But my behaviour favoured Hitler then.

Do their souls embody inside me ?
Or my own soul is dead alive then

I gaze at my own plain mirror
I can’t find reflection of mine.

I’m searching myself inside me
But not capable to find out yet.

Shall I manage for meditation
Or need to seek for revolution.

I need to visualise myself inside me
To establish myself as a unique me.

I need to preserve my fresh image
To ensure my own precious identity.



Really, I have no drop of tears
To reveal my grief and pain
Inside my sagging dried breast
Hardly, there is a few milk – drops

I cannot feed my own child
But still he is hope of my life
Humanity had died before my birth
We are beyond reach of God’s grace

We do die before our death
That too is from , hunger and famine.
Why does the earth feed on our flesh ?
Let feel guilty of living, by rest of the world.

We do eat bread of our own death.
We do breathe the moment of grief
No one share one’s heart with us
But everyone seizes the resources belong to us.

The world prefers to feed moon and mars
Throw us before vulture to tear our flesh
Religion encloses inside the scripture
Love turns only property of rich – culture.

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