Sahaj Sabharwal (India)

Sahaj Sabharwal (India)
NAME: Sahaj Sabharwal
He loves writing poems and thoughts. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu and Kashmir, India. His date of birth is 17th March, 2002 He has been awarded many awards in poem writing at State level, National and international level. He was also selected to be invited for the INTERNATIONAL WRITERS MEETING IN TARIJA and HUNGARY,EUROPE. He was awarded with the INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN WRITING and INTERNATIONAL MERIT CERTIFICATE IN WRITING and was PUBLISHED by THE YOUNG WRITERS ASSOCIATION IN UK and RECIEVED “CERTIFICATE OF PUBLICATION FROM UK”. He was also awarded the ‘India Star Proud Award’ for his appreciable work and He is the author of the BOOK -: ”
Time has come now,
For an ending, wow.
Your friendship will be no more,
Your absence will make things bore .
Gossips with friends ,
Learning new trends .
Talks with us , you did ,
Forever, you are alive in our mind .
It’s time to say you goodbye,
Hope you neither weep nor cry .
The time we spent together ,
In pleasant and harsh weather.
I remember those days,
Enjoyable past with your’s craze.
Hope would fill Our frienship’s gap,
In the presence of the wonder whatsapp.
In your presence No one notices how we spent this year,
Wish you prosperous happy journey ahead my dear.
What the hell !
Smartphone has made everyone enthral.
It is neither fake nor a lie,
Spectacles are seen on everyone\’s eye.
At shop ,office ,home or sitting alone,
No work done today in the absence of smart phone.
Youth, middle age or old,
Looks like they all watching mobile phones recklessly, with their brain sold.
Student’s grades are getting low,
At last they just say Oh! no,
Holding their teacher’s and parent’s toe,
Ensuring that they will enhance, Just in flow.
Everyone has become smartphone’s addict,
After realization of time wasted on it ,
Our mind say Oh! shit .
On proper utilization of smartphone,
We will definitely get a full fledged tree, With the seed which was sown.
You are behind every carefully checked step of my life,
Along with my mother who is your wife.
Without your help I was not able to work rife,
And my life would resemble cutting pebble with blunt knife.
Every step of mind is under the supervision of your eyes,
While taking decisions, you are so wise.
Following your advice ,
My performance subsequently rise.
You fulfilled every requirement of mine,
Even before it was demanded my cine.
You provided me healthy, delicious meal even before you dine,
For me you have made everything fine.
I am so glad,
By God’s grace, to have such a great dad.
In your presence, no one can feel sad,
And what you want from me is just a tad.
Now it’s time to make you feel proud,
That’s all my inner voice saying so loud.
And also in a peaceful, royal place away from huge crowd,
After all, making a confidently, relaxed rout.
The frabjous sky,
Which I observed with my naked eye.
Behaves so shy,
After some time tells a lie.
And shows its clever cry
Expresses over the crops which were once so dry.
Beauty which emerges from the dew drops,
Which fits itself over the surface of the dry crops.
After that , when it stops,
Started whispering from the narrow tops.
Like that of an afraid who robs
Every outer covering out the huts and the tinned shops.
With the entry of the sun,
News when reached the hazy day taking lots of fun.
The way I saw, the way fog taking a slow run,
The clouds welcomed the sun saying, “Sir, it’s done.”
“All the mist droplets killed with our gun.”
Well done dear ! and thanks a ton.
I enjoyed that view,
After long time, glimpse of moon symbolises the sun that less time is left and minutes are few,
And today I am new.
Hope the next morning, will see you.
Our Birth,
Our Death,
Our Worth,
On you dear Earth.
Keeping you clean is our aim,
We all are neither a lame,
Nor playing a game,
Ensuring that noone will get blame.
Hope your sustainability will rise,
In which none of being will criticise.
Keeping in mind our requirement size,
Every decision must be so wise.
Hope there will be no more droughts,
And no more pollution with which we fought,
Regarding every human should be taught,
Ensuring that we uniformly follow these thoughts.
-Sahaj Sabharwal
-Jammu city,
Jammu and Kashmir, India .
©All Rights Reserved

Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Timeless Love
(in my series of love poems)
Love is breathless
when it thinks it’s in love
Pining in streams of steaming lava
Hungry love is vicious
It demands food
It smells biryani
As it eyes the dried
Morsel of roti placed
Before it’s blood shot eyes
It thirsts for peace
In volleys of bullets
It yearns for shehnai
Amidst staccato gunfire
Love bubbles and froths
A cauldron of potions magical
Mystic dervishes of love
Whirling in levitating wonder
Infernos of flaming passion
Licking on wooden beams
Love has spasms of choking
As it gulps down disdain
It withers on parched parchments
With poems written in blood
Love sings a melodious ghazal
Lyrically doused in mohabbat
Love waits in street corners
To spy it’s beloved in secret
As she strides like a moon beam
Resplendent in her black salwar kameez
Love stutters and stammers when
It comes face to face
With the smoldering aura
Of luscious beauty
Emanating from a soul
Love walks in glory
Through a field of scarlet poppies
Brown hair billowing out
Like thunderous clouds in summer
Love seduces with a smile
That reaches your insides
Twisting your intestines
With steely clamps of want
Love is unstoppable
It hears not any reason
It rides a high horse
And gallops into the night
Black as the demons
streaking like lightening
In tulip gardens of desires
Plummeting into heavens
Love torpedoes unassisted
Like those devastating missiles
They were meant to kill
With one fatal blow
Love breathes life
Into flagging sagging men
It makes the sitting stand
And the standing bow
In sajdas of respect
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.2.2017
You thought I was the turquoise in your necklace
Stolen from a queen’s royal crown
You thought the azure was tinted in my shades
Aquamarine today , Hazel tomorrow
Turquoise and tranquil the next
I let the pink of my lips sigh and moan
Never once uttering the unthinkable words
The brownish raven cascade shimmered ominously
It knew a few swallows of frigid winters
That came and nested in the folds of my chunni
I kept my hands decorously entwined
Keeping the gemstones safe and secure
Till the first blossoms of sweet Alyssum burst into
A sea of weeping white shards
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.2.2020