Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan

Poems by Radhakrishnan Krishnan



Yes, it was my grandiose fantasy,
But was it far from reality?
Don’t call me an exhibitionist,
I was not that immodest.

Is self-love, a disorder?
Did I cross sanity’s border?
Looked at reflection in calm river,
Why should that make you quiver?

For loving self, you gave my name,
For centuries I carried your blame,
You made me a villain in your game,
Made self-love a matter of shame.

In this world of infamy ISMS,
You added one more…NARCISSISM,
Equating it with Satanism,
Drowning me in delirium.

Is there a soul in universe?
Self-love in hearts, they do not nurse,
Why it is made a sin so perverse?
Why you made me bear this curse?

I have billions of followers,
Growing steadily at every hour,
Projecting billion faces in selfies,
Painting the world with beauty.

Not to be confined to folklore,
I am reborn as beauties galore,
Every rejection, I get million nods,
For I am NARCISSUS, billion headed God



When we are together, my spirits take a leap in to the sky,
In to the zenith of ecstasy, my soul soars so high,
I float on in to the the sky, when I look in to your eyes,
My love lorn spirit will live on till eternity and never die.

Let me be catapulted by love beyond gravity’s reach,
When passions rise sky high, where is the need of speech?
A kiss from your rosy lips tastes like pomegranate and peach,
You are the Goddess of love and before you I beseech.

Feathers of love granted me so much power,
And so much vigor to leap in to heaven and wander,
I spread my wings to soar so high and roar,
Heavenly feeling of love that has never been found before.

Breaking all barriers,let’s together take a trip to heaven,
Live forever in my heart and make it your safest haven,
This love, this bliss and the joy are God given,
My Valentine, you alone are my sweet obsession.



It never runs smooth,
This is love’s saddest truth,
Passing through turbulence and bends,
River of love ascends to descend.

Smitten by love at young age,
They had reached such a stage,
Yearning heart, they did inherit,
Two bodies but a single spirit.

When Qays, a poor lad,
In Laila’s love driven mad,
Bitten by love bug so bad,
Gazing each other, moon eyed

When teacher hit Qays with cane,
It was Laila who shrieked in pain,
Her body bore the cane marks,
Was that true love’s hallmark?

The chasm between poor and rich,
Cause of a greatest hitch,
How can Qays be Laila’s groom?
He came from poor woman’s womb

Insulted and ridiculed,
His proposal was overruled,
With Laila’s brother, he had a tussle,
Qays killed him in the scuffle.

When stones hit his head,
It was Laila who bled,
To the desert, he was banished,
His thoughts of Laila never vanished.

Writing her name in desert sand,
Fate’s plot he couldn’t understand,
Roaming aimlessly in wilderness,
Unable to cope with emptiness.

Named Majnu, a mad guy,
Cried at everyone who passed by,
Chanting her name LAILA, LAILA,
Cursing his love’s sad saga.

Laila too landed in hell,
When locked in marital cell,
With a man she didn’t love,
Like wraths fell from above.

Even eternity could not efface,
Qays‘s image and their last embrace
Burning from inside like a wick,
Parting from lover made her sick.

Each breath, she wished it to be last,
Death, she wanted to grab it fast,
Farewell to thee, loveless world
No more cruelties to be hurled.

When souls are fated to meet,
If not here, at heaven’s gate,
Oh, Laila, how can Qays wait?
To meet and mate, he headed straight.

(c) K.Radhakrishnan

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