Poems by Kichime Elisha PHILIBUS

Poems by Kichime Elisha PHILIBUS



Darkness sweeps over
Anytime she goes away,
Leaving a blanket
Of heavy boredom
And this nostalgic irk
Of an absence to weary.

A laughter so in the echo;
Reminiscent is the bloom
To this height of fever
Engulfing me whole
Anytime she goes away;
Leaving this absence to harbor;

My hunch haunted
Of the promises made
Before a Cupid’s floral heart
That is ordained to be;
In the confines of
Our closet as revealed !

Come stay in me
Forever your sizzling duel
As eternal;
As Cupid himself
Lays unabated
This sizzling feeling of you!



Looking through the crystal past
When we were two
When everything in a cealed encystment
Was for two
When the entire world
Was just for two
When things were sheared
And desires merged
For two
When our moments and choices
Are pleasantries for two
When yuletide jingles and gifts,
Noel trees and memorable shots
Are reveries of sweet memories
For two
When neighbours and relations alike
All in embrace and harmony
And symbiotic
Was for two…
You and I
And for all.

Now bereaved and bereft and desolate
I am foisted forth to forge alone
And in despair
I am scornfully ridiculed
By the sweet past
When we were two
When neighbours and yuletide jingles,
Noel trees and gifts
Make me merry
When laughters ,secrets and problems
Were sheared.

Now;unlike when everything
Was sweetly for two
You and I
And for all…
On my flabby laps
And cringing brows
Are the deep etches
Of the bitter echoes
Of sweet yesterday.

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