Love Reflects in the Genetic Material Itself / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty
Love Reflects in the Genetic Material Itself
How lovingly they hug each other,
Passionately twisted around one another,
They are meant to be togethe,
For forever,
Talking about DNA macromolecule,
The phenomenal double helical structure,
Both the sugar-phosphate back bones coiled around each other,
By nature they are completely different,
Each one is unique in their nitrogenous base sequence,
Rather each one is another’s complement,
Being together that’s the binding force for the frame,
And the hydrogen bonds between them,
By nature they are known to be ‘weak bonds’ huh….quite insane,
Surprisingly, so many weaknesses (hydrogen bonds) collectively makes their strength,
And all those millions of years together they are holding them,
As if bonded by a divine strength,
When Adenine pairs with Thymine,
As if it says, all your sadness are mine,
And vise versa they are designed by divine,
And when Guanine pairs with Cytosine,
As if it says, ‘my love you are always mine’
And our togetherness is absolutely destined,
All these millions of years the the base pairing,
Never got changed,
All through their evolutionary history, again and again
Adenine for Thymine
And Guanine for cytosine, as such remained
Love reflects in the genetic material itself,
Carrying them in their genes,
Why can’t the human beings,
Not behaving the same loving trend.

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