Poem by Muhammad Ismail & Nutan Sarawagi

Poem  by Muhammad Ismail and Nutan Sarawagi



whenever I missed you dear
I pick up a star from the sky
and because I am missing you so deep
the sky turned to be a totally dark

so I said to my self … finally
I must leave . . . permanently
this crowded earth
to join you to eternity
and as long as we are together
nothing else is really matter
and the darkness never ever
scare me.



In a darkness so beautiful
it shed light
a life in it to live and strive
for it wasn’t it’s life
it was the darkness’s light
in which the star hid its light
it cried without you I burn the night
with you I lite my life
when you fall in you I fight my life
in you to remain my life’s might
in you to light never to go in you to arise
in you to bright
don’t go
be that life
that gives me light

and then the night smiled back
in its life to light
to give the star back its life

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