Poems by Rahim Karim

Poems by Rahim Karim



Crows fly away again from Osh, –
In the sky is a black bird caravan.
The last time that croak harshly,
They sing a farewell romance.

How many of them, like an army,
A parade takes place in black across the sky.
Fly fast to keep up
From a flock of black everyone is striving in a row.

Can’t they breathe in warmth
They are drawn to the cold, where is the frost and snow?
Though black as coal, soot, become,
Immensely love, maybe white?

To the goal they fly, day-night fly,
A long journey happens before a dream.
The power is given to them – God’s grace
And if only the thoughts were all bright.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white
The soul of heavenly beauty is important.
We are able to achieve the edge of our dreams,
We dream about light only we.

Everyone has his own voice, his own song,
Who is tenor, bass, and someone is baritone.
There must be a pure soul in the song
Sound to sound like a tuning fork!

Goodbye, birds, God help you, may
I wish you all a happy journey!
Spring is at least on the nose, in the soul but sadness,
You come back to live with us again.



China has found a cure for coronavirus

Humanity is saved
Now the battle against the virus will begin,
which claimed several thousand lives
for a short time.

The common enemy was advancing against us,
threw thousands of people into a hospital bed,
made millions go masked
and sit at home without going outside.

He stopped factories,
schools and universities, shops and cafes.
He wanted to destroy all people in the world,
like cockroaches and miserable flies.

It was God’s test
the unity of humanity, the peoples of the world?
Have we overcome it
Patiently, together, cohesion, unity.

We understood that our Earth is universal,
that we have one sun at all,
that the moon is one on the whole planet,
that we breathe air alone.

That we have one GOD for billions,
that we have ONE LIFE for billions,
that we have ONE DEATH for billions,
that we must save each other, we are saving !!!

Glory to Chinese doctors,
Glory to world medicine,
which saves the planet from death,
which they wanted to destroy with nuclear weapons.

Long live Mother Planet
Long live the Almighty God!
Long live humanity
Long live a HEALTHY LIFE !!!


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