Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder

Poems by Wisdom Wise Wonder


Awaken this Paradise..

Awaken this paradise ,
this world within you ,
let your island be surrounded with fountain of joy,
let the worries go buy themselves a place in exile,
let courage beam within you,
and terrorize fear, that it dears not freezes your river.
Relax your heart on the bliss of this moment,
feed your dreams every day,
let the light from sweet peace nourish your soul,
with determination and strength ,
to withstand in the days when midnight keep rebirthing the night,

let grace embrace your subconsciousness with rhapsody of gratitude,
let its weight lift up your altitude,
let this be your attitude,
and you will feed more than a multitude of the five thousand,
with loaves of impact which will fill their basket with fishes of fortitude.


Jolly of love…

I experience a delighted rendezvous of butterflies,
dancing with the stars that shines on the goosebumps of roses,
whenever I stare at the heaven bliss blistering in your heart.

Those pristine smile ripples flawless smooch of beaming grace on me
You are the prime excellence of Immaculate beauty,

You are the cadence rain that washes away my worries,
You are my rosy pearl that pierce the piece of fear to pieces,
And birth rainbows of angelic colours lurking around my days with Jolly of love.


Boundless horizon

There are a million stars shaping with wonders
in the extraordinary eminent bowels of treasurable grace in you.

You are a fountain of gold,
a city of light,
permeating streams of life,
honey of Sun,
whisk of bliss.

flame love on your own rainbows,
let peace capture the photographs of the moment.

Free your mind from the offenses that perches on the raiment of your sky,
hiding the purifying skin of forgiveness.

Let go of the winds from the past billows,
that ensnared your wings from expanding its boundless horizon…

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