AFTER THE STORM / Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao

Poem by Narsing Bongu Rao
Do you really know,
what is in store for tomorrow?
Not much of the past
nor our experiences in the present
shall we ever remember;
for, what we think we know
and what is in Black and White
in front of us,
can turn into a suspense,
within seconds.
Things do happen in life,
but on their own terms,
only at times,
do they happen exactly as we wish;
for, time plays an important role,
in all our lives.
We are not surely puppets
in the hands of time,
yet something mystic
holds the strings;
and we are always on the move,
moving ahead,
with no going back.
Life is a war,
and we are all soldiers
in the war field,
which we need to treat
as a sojourn with time.
We shall march ahead
never to step back;
and if ever we try to back step,
we inevitably fall into a pit
that will suck-in,
to bury us forever.
What-so-ever may happen,
with time,
man is always the winner;
he is the defeater
and shall always be the final victor.

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