Here is my big hug, for your big fly my dear – Dr. Gita Mohanty / Reviewe by Malaya Kumar Jati

Adorable poetess Dr. Gita Mohantyji,

Your simple yet extremely inspirational untitled poem
is like an oasis in the vast desolate desert. It’s a way of life divine in a true sense.We do our duty and wait for its result because the action is in our hands but not the outcome in most cases.To be blessed with a child is to promote your dynasty nothing more indeed.We rejoice over our creations and nurture them ignoring our pains and pleasures. Here a great eastern saint can be taken into consideration. Ramkrishna Paramhansha is an exception and a divine being and one of the great gurus of the world whose product is Swami Vivekananda, a great spiritual teacher and a prophet of matchless brilliance and nonpareil enlightenment. Did he want to accelerate his family’s growth after his marriage? No, he never did .He wanted to be the father of many and his divine wife Sarada Devi never wanted to be the mother of a child.They decided to be the parents of millions of children.So having no children biologically is never a bane for a woman but a boon of being called a jagat mata(the mother of the world).What people say may not exercise any impact if one is determined in this way.Being a whole is greater than being a part.The part is the part of the whole and the whole is the amalgamation of many a part.This poem can be either a solace or a spur to a woman who is barren biologically.In our society some modern humans are still stuck in the mire of many ignoble convictions, prejudices and superstitions that make them point fingers to these helpless, innocent and divine women.They consider them ominous but they are sacrosanct,more gracious and more extrovert than the women with children.Usually mothers grow introvert by being bogged in nurturing their own children but the ones with no children are blessings to mankind because they are more for others than for themselves.The beings who think of others are angels of God.And how can such seraphic women be ominous?They are never a stigma but a glory to be blessed with all-embracig and merciful aspirations who think a child as the gift of God. Those who have children can’t think a child as a divine gift but only such noble people can think so.Thus they are the mothers of mankind each and demands our adoration and deep reverence.We must adore such women to praise the gifts of Almighty.Here in this inspiring poem the adorable poetess Gitaji in her lucid encapsulation stands as a support to the divine beings who have no children to have a divine chance of making all the children theirs in a broad sense.May their tribe increase to make the world a heaven to live in!

Kudos to you honourable poetess for composing such a magnificent poem to create a stream of awareness regarding a social malady that still exists in the forest of our moden minds.


Copyright@Malaya Kumar Jati
Reviewer, Global Literary Society
All Rights Reserved


Here is my big hug, for your big fly my dear

Oh you don’t have a baby yet,
And whose fault is that,
Did you see a doctor,
May be I can suggest an astrologer,
Have you tried this and that,
May be you should reduce your fat,
Oh you didn’t have a baby,
Oh no, see your age now, you delayed may be,
Oh you wouldn’t have a baby at all,
Then have you thought what you would do after all,

My sweetheart,
If you are hearing nonsense all about that,
And sad, paying attention to all the trash,
Allowing to hurt your own heart,
I wouldn’t console you saying
‘Ya that’s fine’,
When I know that’s really not fine,
In your place I felt keeping heart of mine,
No that’s absolutely not fine,

You would hear, ‘You have to adjust’,
But I felt no you don’t have to,
You would hear, ‘That’s the life’
No certainly that’s not all about the life,
Way beyond that, the meaning of your life,
Which you only would decide,

I wouldn’t say may be you have problem some,
Neither would say dear, I have the solution,
I wouldn’t lie to you whatever may happen,
Just I know first you are a human,
Before even a woman,

But one thing definitely I would like to say,
If at all I’m in your role-play
I would hear carefully, what my beautiful life says,
I would think big and beyond,
Extraordinarily I would perform,
Happiness in life is not bound to any condition,
Then all the parents in this world would never would have any sad emotion,
Have you ever my dear thought about that,
It’s so simple,
Look beyond,
And extraordinarily just perform,
You are adorable, beautiful and sensible,
Aware and empower your heart, mind and soul,
Just once stretch your wings, and fly high my angels,

I have seen a shiny drop at your eye corner,
Now it’s enough my dear, no more even a drop of tear,
Please spill a drop of happiness rather from your lip corner
You can dare ,
You can flair your inner fire,
To wipe out all sad feelings, made you scare,
You are amazingly beautiful my dear,
The whole sky is waiting for you,
Cheer and spread your wings too,
Already enough you have endured,

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