Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poems by Dr. Gita Mohanty


Please let me …

Let me flow in you,
Whatever way I can,
Let me shower on you,
Just like a surprise rain,

Let me swing in your arms,
Let me mesmerize you with charms,
Let me move in your veins,
Being a symphony again,

Let me be a breeze,
And blow wherever, I can,
Touching your face,
Tickling you, as and when,

Let me trickle down,
As much as I can,
Let me penetrate your mind,
To find,
Where I remain,

Let me shine,
Whatever way I can,
The way I am,
Being bit hesitant and shy,
May be somewhere deep in your eye,

Let me be the warmth,
You feel behind your ear,
It’s nothing but,
My passionate close-eyed whisper,

Let me be a chunk of air,
To reside in you somewhere,
Just to share (myself),
In a despair,

Let me be a part of you,
Let me blend my soul with you,
Let me be your shadow, to be with you,
Let me be your foot print, to trail behind you,

Let me take a rest,
In your wider chest,
Please don’t be upset,
I’m tired,
Of losing,
I’m scared,
Of missing,

Let me seek a shelter,
In any of your heart’s corner,
Let me be in your breath,
Till my death …


‘I love you’ is just a bare minimal expression

I’m digging, finding, considering and reconsidering,
Failing, succeeding, searching and researching,
The exact translations of my emotions,
Yet I’m unable to reach a perfect decision,

‘I love you’ is just a bare minimal expression,
Of my huge overwhelming nostalgic emotions,
But I have much more than that,
‘I love you’ is just not exact, to express that,
And right now I don’t know how to designate that,
Can you please wait,
Till I resolve something about that,

Instead of ‘I love you’, something apart,
What what and what, not finding the word exact,
How can I convey my feelings about that,
Hope you are getting, I mean what,
Ya it’s about that,
Knowingly you are asking me what, what and what,
Yes it’s something about that,
Please wait till I find the exact,
Word or expression for that,

There is absolutely no word,
which can translate my all layers of feelings exact,
Without reason which makes me cry,
And alone also it make me feel shy,
I talk to myself on behalf of someone , don’t know why,
It makes me introvert,
It makes me loving for all, like a beautiful heart,
I console and hold myself like an expert,
It makes me fall, and sustains myself after all,
As if all the energy of all the cosmos is confined in my soul,

There is no explanation,
There is no absolute reason,
Of certain kind of emotions,
Either there is no expectation,
A strong feeling beyond all the emotions,
As if in love, I have attended the salvation.


Our unique meeting

No meeting, No dating,
No talking, not knowing,
As if he dropped out of sky,
And said me only a small hi,
No movie, no corner seat,
No drama, absolutely off-beat,
No park, no dark,
No cafeteria, no temple,
Uff, too much humble,
Unimaginably, simple
Just can say, Terrible…….

No rose, no propose,
No hug, no snug,
No sing, no ring,
No queen, no king,
Not going on knees,
No cheesy lines, no ‘may I please’

But finally we met,
For something for permanent,
And that was absolutely perfect,
When, … … … …
Stars were twinkling,
Night was falling,
Warmth of my breath was belting,
Wishes were jolting,
My heart was melting,
And I was smelting,

The blue heaven was blessing
Moon was watching,
Breeze was whispering,
Wild flower’s fragrance was spreading,
Two hearts were beating,
And we were meeting,
A unique never ending love story was beginning.

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