WHEN LIFI WAS YOUNG -Poem 1 (PART A) / Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole


Poem 1 (PART A)


Behind of those hills there were the harmonious villages

One village named, “Yoki” which had the respectful marriages

But, down Yoki village there was a beautiful family

A family which had been blessed with one child greatly

A child who was really young than the story of his family


It really and precisely happened when he was very young

Nothing he could remember but his mind was with innocence

And he had ostensibly put a bright smile on his faces

And he danced the song which all villagers had been sung

The sad song of escorting the body of his father to the silent place.


The truth of memories had embraced many peasants tightly

Reminded all people about the frabjous things so evidently

That, his father had a heart of hope like the morning sun

And his father was a disciplined person not a pillar of fun

And his father was an assiduous person on his work.


At the ceremony of burying Lifi’s father, many were very sad

Beside the coffin, his mother raised the voice of whinge so unglad

Fearful eyes photoed his father’s spirit had gone elsewhere

And the ears heard the sound of griefful tears here and there

This day was a day of saying the last goodbye with Lifi’s papa.


When he was still young, his mother was married again with a good person

A man of great ken and skills in his head and hands respectively

He loves Lifi so much like Lifi was his biological son

And because of his humility, the people were respecting him perfectly

And his kindness was always bringing sympathy to all people greatly


Before Lifi reached a four years old, his mother was deeply started to sick

She was suffering from malaria and severe pain of wrick

Suddenly, the gloomy news had spread to the village around

A news that Lifi’s mother was then kissed the ground

However, Lifi never noticed this, because he was still toddler.



3 thoughts on “WHEN LIFI WAS YOUNG -Poem 1 (PART A) / Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

  1. It is profound ink. Graphic delineation of canvas of human tale. Congratulations to esteemed Poet for his high poetical calibre.

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