Jyotirmaya Thakur (India)

Jyotirmaya Thakur (India)

Jyotirmaya Thakur( retired vice Principal) is the author of twenty books , Multi – genre award winning poet , book reviewer , columnist ,editor , literary & social researcher. World Poet Laureate, Living legend of 21st century, Peace Icon and HPAW Ambassador of Humanity and Universal Ambassador of Art and culture by WUAC ,Bolivia approved by UNICEF. She is the first Indian poet to be published by RVAW Publications , UK and her poems are showcased by the Wolf International Poetry Exhibition group of UK. She serves on various prestigious Committees in many parts of the world and has membership of many associations and writes for international magazines. Her poems have been translated in more than 25 languages. Title of ‘Honoured Poet of India -by Seychelles Government accredited – International Literary and Art society ‘Lasosyasyon Lar San Frontyer (LLSF). The Writers Guild award and honoured as a Writer of Distinction by the Founder & President- Dr. Jose.A.Gomez of American Writers Association , Las Vegas, Nevada. Certificate of endorsement of inclusion in The world Directory of Literature, History, Art and culture in 2018. Pride of India certificate by Global Literary Society, India. The former president of ARCS Magazine of Expressive narrative prose poetry forum and Poet of the year 2018. Honoured with ‘Madan Mohan Bandopadhyay’, Commemorative Award , for outstanding literary journey ,at the first-South East Asian Literary Festival and certificate of ‘Literary Honour’ and a trophy,by Sahitya Deshkaal (The Mirror of Time ) with special trophy of SEAL. Certificate of ‘International award Of Indian Literature’ by the World English Writers Union,Hyderabad. “Lady of Literature ‘title,by Literati Society of India,Mathura.
She has been featured as “A Woman of Essence ” by Dotism Journal,Australia and “Woman of Excellence “by the World Pictorial Poetry forum, Daman. Featured as the ‘living legend of 21st century “by International Ocean News of Bari ,Italy.


1.Rhythms Of Reality
2. Love & Romance
3. Diary Pages- Reality Within,
4. Reflections Of Nature
5. Rhapsody Of Reflections
6. Symphony Of Peace
7. Melody Of Love
8. Valley Of Whispers,
9.Silhouettes Of Love
10. Rosary Of Rhymes
11. Sojourn Of the Soul,
12. Life Songs,
13. Canvas Of The Soul
14. (Random Reflections
15. Spectrum’s Of Reality (85 Poems),
16 Light and Shade
17. Essentials of Poetry,
18. Rhythms Of the Soul ,
19. Feminine Portraits,
20. Reiki Healing.


Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur



I am a frozen love
cold and discontented
hidden under a hill of snow
with touch of Winter on my brow.

A broken branch of a tree
my heart still beats within a twig
hoping is a fragile undertaking
tear drops mixed with frosty flakes falling.

My grey days in despondent thoughts
scattered on dark fearsome clouds
scared as I fall to pieces along the way
wishing to put it back on a sunny day.

I find a flower in the closet
dried but not crushed in my jacket
one that reminds my intact fragrance
Coffee cup in trash,engraved resemblance.

It’s true I am still here and kicking
although not a beauty but so much to give
I know that there’s no one quite like me
a writer’s love never dies nor is in vain.



Love me like an ordinary being,
Not assuming or associating,
Love me, if you want, but if you do,
Love me without intensity of blue.

Not in the abyss of love for oceans,
Or velvet zephyrs of windy fusion,
Nor place me on portals of illusion,
Nor kiss me with books quotations.

Don’t compare me with full moon,
Or stars that shine too soon ,
Or fragrant flowers that bloom ,
No romantic gestures of buffoon.

Be not a poet of fluent words ,
Don’t make up with sapphires,
Or shower me with diamonds,
Just wrap me with caring choirs.



You inspire me to compose ,
Pure presence like a fragrant rose,
Whose words move me to adore,
Power that resides within your core.

Love notes explode in the air,
When you say my name in despair,
Like a sonic boom my trained ears care,
And tingle my spine to impossibly dare.

All reasons surpass my love for you,
I am blind and wretchedly have no clue ,
I offer my devotion in abyss of seas blue,
And await for you to cover my soul true.

Love notes serenade the Moon,
When your footsteps enter the room ,
I am shifted like the molecules ,
As you like Earth’s gravity pull.

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