Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas



a woman in love
shines in joy
the sagging chins
the deeply set wrinkles
sculpts the intoxicating life…
her eyes spell
a youthful desire,
creating that
eternal loveliness!

a soul
damned fearless!
a dreadful Coronavirus
can’t dare penetrate…
for death insists
on her clothes
of sadness,
it hates going near
a portrait of joy!

if she agrees
to die to leave
that ectoplasm of material world
it’s becoz she feels fulfilled
an overflowing
saxophone erotic tone…
making love
with the pouring rain
a balance of symphony!


Why fear?”

more favouriely spoken
as Corona Virus
is currently enjoying it’s fame…
a typical human behaviour
who wants fame
by any means
an act dreaded!

a madness
conquers irritates
you they i
like a photograph
a reality and
soon a history
a regret
it never had occurred!

didn’t God himself
the ‘Noah Flood”?
and promised
to never again?
tis’ a proof that
a human before
death overcomes him,
he repents.

never fear death
we were all saved
by Jesus blood drips…
before you release
your last breath,
you’ll be
face to face
with the spirit of God in you
asking forgiveness!



I feel so blessed
being a Woman
i having
5 sons and 5 daughters
18 grandkids and 9 great grandkids
lol, am too old school
all my kids
from one x-husband
Today, am still as photo, at age 85!!!!!

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