Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
The Smartest One
You could hide behind the big couch in the living room
Or climb that sprawling banyan tree with drooping branches
You could go to the attic and suppress your sneezes in the dusty mess
Or wriggle under the cobweb infested king size bed
You could camouflage your attire to seem like someone else
Or talk in another dialect to put off your scent
But you know what ! He’s friends with Mr.Cancer
You can not escape the Covid-19 virus
Because he is still smarter than humans yet !!
Copyright Lily Swarn 15.3.2020
Beyond Love
Beyond love there must be a serene pool
Tucked away from mundane marauders
Like ennui , boredom and fear
Letting the soul float in formless bliss
Only the sweet chant of musical rumblings
By-passing nagging warnings and cloying debris
Of broken shards of fragmented beings
Ensheathed in protective folds of baby’s breath
A drowsy numbness protectively purging
Vestigial strains of coffee dipped annoyance
Beyond love the stars would glimmer enticingly
Touching the realms of gold with silver dollops
Embracing fields of blood red poppies
In the galleria of sun basking robins
Tantalising tomcats with teasing trails
Beyond love was eternity reaching out to Rumi’s philosophy
Gnashing it’s teeth on icy cul de sacs
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.3.2020

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