Poems by Nurbanu KABLAN (Turkey)

Poems by Nurbanu KABLAN (Turkey)
The color of going is purple, its complexion is ash
is it only the night darkening the day?
if the black curtain has been drawn
over the heart of the tulle-white Moon,
isn’t it a cerement for the evening
dying in its arms?
Starlings descend on the branches
of the poplar trees with autumn gloom
please leave the September to me
Let me dance a separation waltz
the heads of the peace pigeons are bent down…
Here I go without the buttonhole
you have opened in soul is buttoned up
by putting the vest of the grief on my heart
by pulling the shalwar of the love class on my laborer foot
without harvesting the roses of my garden
The ice has melted in Kizildag, the conversation has gone away
a soldier with an olive branch star
doesn’t my heart scream with silent letters now?
if a pigeon which couldn’t attain its desire has bled,
don’t its bled dreams burn with love for peace?..
I had cried
when the claret red velvet curtains
were brought down
stage dusts had got
into the homeland of my invaded eyes…
A medieval melodrama
was absconding from time
from the flowered slope of the sky
to the midpoint of my chest
the stage has been set with the hell scene
the actor was absent – where is Romeo?
now, who will act
instead of him?
The magic of a solo
its impress would be great
the stage has collapsed by the applauses of grief
I bended down and saluted
by holding the hands of my loneliness
Have I broken the heart of Shakespeare unknowingly?
The claret red velvet curtains has been drawn again
the audiences were standing, downpour in their hands
the costume of Juliet was being torn on my skin
I saluted the audiences
with a lost battlefront in my hand
with the patchy vest of my soul…

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