love in a pandemic time / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa


love in a pandemic time

Do not burn me with your ice
If ever you hope to confess
let ‘s make it face to face

This is the arena of spring dear
Bewildered with a pandemic
The world is thrust into a race

So dear, keep your roar for afore
Amidst the sunbeams,
The world which awfully bore
The rotten hems of the silky dreams
could stand it no more.

Hope we are spared the doom
Love like a beautiful poem will bloom
A new world with everything anew
The summer shrubs
And the morning dew

All that bosoms may hold
Raging from seeds of prime love
To the shining shells on a golden sand

You will henceforth admit
That is no longer the time of wit

stop your whims , dear
zealous souls are never dimmed by fear
Time of treachery has gone into the pit
A new sun will shine
When the pandemic wears off
love will be fine.

@ sihem cherif 24 March 2020

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