Poems by Sunita Paul

Poems by Sunita Paul
The weird and crazy me,
That’s how I love to be.
Damm care what one has to say,
I set my rules and walk my way.
With little self pride,
No one can take me on a easy ride.
Head held tall,
I love to love all.
Sometimes strong,many a times I may break,
But then again I stir up and give life a shake.
On dull days I am full of shine,
Tears or smiles,these emotions are only mine.
With heart filled gratitude,
That’s my attitude.
I love to be this imperfect me,
It only takes a loving heart to see.
My hair and Me
My hairs are an extension of me,
And thats how i let it be,
Unruly,frizzy,curvy and full of curl
Gives me the look of a naughty girl.
None can tame me and my hairs
Both are stubborn in each layers.
Rough or smooth,dull or full of shine,
I feel it all whether I’m sad or fine.
Never wanna change the way they are,
My hair makes me a proud star.
I’m blessed to have derived this from my mother,
And i need no styling of any other.
My hair and me sync in all way,
We both are wild,moody and gay.
Twisted at the ends of each strand,
We both have an unique brand.

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