Poems by Bam Dev Sharma

Poems by Bam Dev Sharma



Time’s furtive glows
Sprawl over the canvass of life
Purged in lively colors
Glossed with myriads of shades.

Tender brush strokes of time shine
And splattering images galore
But staining marks of destinies
Try to deter darting human dreams.

Cloyed in mesmerizing lights
Strange looks the canvass
And strange are the brush strokes too.

And serene dozes of life
Portrayed in recondite shape
Prove to be testimonies
As the masterpiece of the universe!


Glimmering Ember

The rainy drizzle
was soaking grass
and parched road turned wan,
when the pedestrians sat
under poplar trees
and the pigeons cooed
on the roofs of a temple.

The clock hours
rang one after another
sirens of peace,
and the wily grass
in crystalline silvery shine
began to kiss
the mesmerized grasshoppers!

The dew- laden branches
ruffle with benign wind,
when the dawn’s clamor
resound over,
like the ruminating poet
scribbling lines after lines
as if wishes of the
serene sky,
passing over the blue waves
in glimmering ember.

Soon the poems began to fly
in dazzling light
like glaring joy
as through they were seeds of mystery
for numb and coy land
to usher a new dawn.

Copyrights by Bam Dev Sharma

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