Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Then and there after pretty long long years….
to reminisce unstinting days of lost era by quantum time,
revered to history of nowhere.
I still remember it was just like yesteryear
In an unobtrusive vesper evening
yet may be frigid beneath oblivion,
as mirror of sunset made farewell to silhouetted sky with its soliloquy of sorrow dropping tales of resonance
resounding from far off land.
night dissolves into darkness for tomorrow
to embrace undaunted passion of mellow solace, lest scare of dreads may falter to follow from behind courtyard of oblivion.
brevity is the art of mortal being to diffuse into crowd of lone history,
we may or may not meet today or tomorrow
yet endearment still sails through like caravan aiming at distant shore onto eternity.
Gleams of soul as adorable as freshness of green of lily
adorned in flawless sparks of whitest hue
yet dishavelled to tide upon
magnimity of vision to embrace magnanimity of
flux raked in dawn sunshine,
as serene, silent blue
pristine like gloss of full moon to gravitate.
nicety is the perfection of beauty to bloom into blossom,
as spring raves into vale of colors to enlighten warmth of necessity
longing to serenade
as darkness cries of light to brace up into fairy white
for precision of soul to rhyme ecstasy of returning birds into nest.
Wonder awes to rave in midst of soliloquy by infliction of untoward scare of dread
for mortal breath to ravel into glory of life
for journey into finale encompassing light of love and bliss
like falling dew over green meadow to grasp redolent warmth before total redemption.
Does soul communicate inkling eachother through subterranean path of another world of ultra consciousness?
as best known to those
no existent entities,
may be of love anger, hatred, greed desires and dream,
as it does in no time to recompose the quest,
like in envilade of fire
of optical fiber yet encompassing no distance nor dimensions
either in vale of secrecy of no language.
Silence is vibe to tender tales of joys or woes in deepest abyss of empyrean corridor
through its own way
to trigger all possibilities to happen
as intended with innocence to ether light of divinity to unleash hope.
enlightened quest is prayer into bourne of cosmos
to allow in allegiance of supreme approval.
for soul to empower with grace of gravity in aura of luminous blaze!
like a tree with root system into labyrinth of soil by enigma of silence yet unresolved.
@dr subhendu Kar

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