Steven Van Der Heyden ( Belgium)

Steven Van Der Heyden ( Belgium)
Steven Van Der Heyden (Ghent, 1974)
is a palliative home nurse and tries to read the world through language, it’s both his origin and destination.
Poems by him appeared in Flemish and Dutch literary magazines, including in Het Gezeefde Gedicht, Meander, Tijdschrift Ei, De Vallei, Ballustrada, Extaze and Liter.
In 2017 he was a participating poet at the international arts festival Watou.
In 2018, he was nominated for the Melopee Poetry Prize.
Is grabbing a couple of words
with greedy fingertips, choosing time
and again, stretching the shape
until it contains all I want
It’s keeping the joints supple
during the sowing of
thoughts, sharp as shards
until I taste it, freshly spilled (writers’)blood
They fidget away the time, shove hands deep
in their pockets, an attitude unbecoming
to extras in search of the first signs
of a grief that awaits them hungrily
They sink slowly through their smile
hide in scepticism and indifference.
The smell of rubber and metal keeps them together
softly penetrates their flesh
Memories make the room habitable
give weight to the years.
What if they get the day wrong?
Night Girl
In a web of arms and legs
greedy tongues search for her mouth
spongy and raw, skinned
she always laughs her girl’s laugh
which begins far off, hurries over rough terrain
to the following man
Her little play of innocence
in which she curls up, hip-wide
till she feels something sink
The morning washes up men
in the fields of their clothes, her smell
hurriedly hung in the closet

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