A breeze that is etching scars of the memory – Poem by Dorine Saad / Translated by Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

Poem by Dorine Saad


A breeze that is etching scars of the memory

There are voices overtaking me in a life impaired,
like a child, I am confusedly counting bygone days
that fell at the sidewalk of a tree,
Listening to a song, which no one sings
behind my window, it’s Lingering,
I am listening to cities, their walls, like flags…
in my memory collapsed,
Watching what has on a messy table fallen…

At the end of sleep, there is a candle, I haven’t lit yet,
And a vague longing that wets the bottom of my heart,
Yet, I do not know from where it comes,

I carefully hid all the paintings I did before
And all the things that were passing unnoticed,

How scared I was to get in writing involved,
the ink of desire was uncontrollably poured,

I danced with the night with no music,
All the melodies were in my depths resonant,
I was swiftly moving with music,
Though I did not love staying up and night talks,

My Lord and I did negotiate to have an extra time
so that I may find the way, one night I lost,
yet, He was by slumber overtaken,
since then, I have been for the answer await.


Translated by me Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

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