Poem by Jean C. Bertrand

Poem by Jean C. Bertrand


The challenges

Here comes a life-changing
Hugs and kisses diving in
Nasty winds, disgustingly
Cursing the butterflies
As we can see, hearts
Stepping in fire
Troubling eyes
Chronic cough
Shortness of breath
Flooded the oceans
Demonic pandemic
Dirty academic
Physically in distress
Mentally, walking in the dark
Resilient roses of spring
Springing up to breathe
Bending not falling
A song of hope
Sweet candlelight
Thoughts and prayers
Globally sharing
New moon will speak
The stars will dance
Shining the oceans once again
Fear not, here comes spring.


Too weak to fly

Too weak to fly
Ruthlessness wind
Twisted eyes
Hearts in blazing fire

Too weak to fly
Missing beauteous spring
Oh children of cosmos
Roses, there’s no rain

Too weak to fly
Supercilious, ice-cold
Freezing rain
Heartless goddesses in the air

Too weak to fly
Grumbling all night
Pitiless, man- made thunder
Overwhelming pain in the valleys.


My lips

My lips, so thankful
The lips, you have given me
Must be used as an instrument
Good-natured, kindly expressing
Nothing to bring darkness
Forever, follow the essentials fragrance
Listening to the sound of sea
Learning from the waves
Peacefully observing its magic
The fruits of loveliness, gaining
Knowledge of luminous words
Shaping on the lips of humbleness

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