Wring with the Rhythm / Poem by Abu Siddik

Abu Siddik
I am a writer, residing in Berhampore, Murshidabad, India. I work as Assistant Professor. I have contributed to various e-journals and anthologies. I have also published three books.
Wring with the Rhythm
‘Why are you quiet?’
My friends bubble and burst
While they ask.
‘My wings are smashed’
I feel I say
But red I spread
And guys feel cool.
‘Are you well?’
They churn and chime.
I feel I say
But I leap into the sky
And they shriek ‘wow’.
‘Are you on a book?’
They measure my look
‘What’s the use?’
I feel I say
But I swing my chair
And hide my tear,
Together they clap
And place me on heads,
A party they ask,
‘Fix a date’
In obeisance I add.

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