Oh the morning in the morning / Poem by Nuri CAN

Poem by Nuri CAN


Oh the morning in the morning

You walk away and walk away
It’s a season where flowers are filled.
Once again one more time
You didn’t come back…

Half of you left my heart
I have half of them…

Oh! Good morning in the morning…

Which Branch I took refuge in
He dropped his leaves
Like a cloud
Just like the river
Your hair has passed away from my hand
One side of me is left in the old age
One side of me is crazy
The gas of my life has gone away…

Your smile was a flower
Every Spring was made inside me
You gone have gone
Gone in my dreams
It snowed in my lashes
My hopes are full of pain

You gone have gone
Fall is here
Trees lost their joy
Yellow leaves and sadness left behind
Like a moon lost in the clouds
I have lost you
The Sea is silent
The Blue is the bird
I got loneliness in my share
The sky is wounded now
You gone have gone
There is an earthquake in the sea every night
Waves hit your head on the rocks

You gone have gone
Then he went away
Birds of my heart to far lands
The pain of love, one side of my coast is longing
Now I am missing, every night that fell into me is beyond the water

Now I ate like water
Breath like the air now
I miss you on the other coast…

Nur my life

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