FLEETING FLORA – Poem by Samar Pratap Singh / Review by Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

Samar Pratap Singh


Fleeting flora retarded through glades
When men ripped her off with blades
Laughing the fragrant greenery
Cattle and shepherds scenery
Bees butterflies and boughs
Flowers grasses and cows
Koels and nightingales echoed
Poets Painters and Lover’s ford
Ah an Elysium in delirium for all who could
Where Goddess Flora fathoms all’s mood
Divine nectarine bathed bliss
Sacred priestly soporific kiss
Memories are past that now aghast
That hardly seem ever let up or last
O’ Almighty run to Thy creation fast

©® Samar Pratap Singh


Adorable poet Samar Pratap Singh ,
I feel immensely happy to review your most beautiful poem ‘Fleeting Flora’

William Wordsworth thinks that Nature is not lifeless but possesses a life and spirit and anyone who communes with her would gain in power, beauty and holiness.

In ‘Ode on the Intimations of Immortality’, he writes

“To me the meanest flower that blows can give
Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears. ”

Like Wordsworth ,the poet under study feels one with Nature .As a passionate lover of Nature, he observes her ; he tries to commune with her.

“Even the minutest flowers are too deep to tears”.

The poet is moved to see the growth of seasonal plants and vegetation .
He is struck with sorrow to see men ripping all the groves with scythes and
depriving them of steady growth.Had they been untouched by the blades,
they would have been a grand spectacle of greenery for all shepherds who would be very happy to take their sheep in to the pastures and see them graze all over the vast expanse of the fertile land. It would take them into a delightful state to look at the beauty of the flora there.

The green spot is all the more exhilarating to the shepherds and the sheep.At the same time, it seems to be a welcoming sight to all living things.
The prolific poet is very keen to observe the boughs,the multicoloured flowers moving on the branches at single breeze and then he is engrossed in seeing the butterflies fluttering their wings around all the flowers.At once he looks at the grass strewn all over the places where the cows are found hither and thither munching grasses with joy.

Just then his attention moves towards the direction where the echoes of birds are being heard.Then he is able to recognise the voice of the birds such as koels and nightingales for they seem to be in a state of merry and mirth; they observe the flowers,cows, sheep and feel very happy to be in their jocund company and so they begin to sing extremely well.

Then the poet doesn’t leave mentioning about the birds alone; he is happy to note that what has been a delightful sight to the birds is also a sight of immense joy to the poets. All poets will like the place of beauty to get inspired and then only the Muse will come forward to transport them in to a world of fantasy. Here I am reminded of the poet John Keats.

The poet is absolutely lost in the merry notes of birds and forgets his presence. As a passionate lover ,he begins to think about the temperament of all the other fellow poets and the painters too.He wonders how the place of the gaiety green pervading all over the place will be a grand spectacle to all the painters who are very much interested in copying the beauty of Nature in the canvass with various colours to land all our hearts in joy.Likewise he describes the joy of the lovers meeting their fiances under the green cover,being unnoticed by others.Hence the poet feels happy to frequent the place where flora in its fullest growth will be a grand place of sight for all birds, animals,poets,lovers and painters.

Then the poet thinks about the goddess who is responsible for the sudden growth of the Flora in its infinite variety and he is able to find how the goddesss is able to fathom the hearts of all viewers and fill their hearts with immense bliss as if they have drunk the divine Amrith (nectar) and be in a world of bliss.

Our poet seems to find a change in his attitude towards Nature in the form of flora; he feels as if he is being showered with sacred kisses and caresses by the grace of the Goddess of Nature and feels that he is really enjoying the eternal bliss.

Now the time has changed.All the joys,and bliss attained by him have gone away.They become now the mere memories ,not even the trace of it is felt .

“Memories are past that now aghast
That hardly seem ever let up or last”

Alas ! Every thing has become transitory to him.Though he becomes desperate, he never loses hope.He earnestly prays to god to bring about regeneration of everything to make Nature start its creation of all Flora in the vast expanse of earth to add to its beauty .Our honourable poet is full of hopes to expect something for the betterment of all even though the change in all living things is inevitable.

I feel highly honoured to have the opportunity to review the poem of our brethren Samar Pratap Singh . Kudos to you for having created a stellar poem to the amazement of all.Be ever blessed to be the best among all.


Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan

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    I extend my thanks to Madam Pushpalatha who could make it possible.

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