Poems by Sunil Sharma

Poems by Sunil Sharma


Flowers in a pot

The slim widower
Tends daily to the potted plants;
His speciality the white flowers
In a corner of the balcony
Of the one-room apartment
On the eleventh floor,
In the heart of the commercial district,
From that vantage point, the world is a blur
And nobody cares for the grumpy man,
Nor he, for them,
He is so bitter;
But, flowers beckon, dancing in the wind,
And the muttering occupant, lonely and miserable,
Waters them daily and they both talk,
And he sees in their smiling
Tender petals,
A son now forever lost;
These brief conversations
Conducted twice, everyday
Delight an ageing heart.
Through fragrance and colour,
The long-stemmed flowers,
Fragile and vulnerable,
Spread cheer everywhere,
Every nook and corner,
Like the sunflowers of
Van Gogh.

(Courtesy: The UN’s anthology on Happiness: The Delight-Tree)


Earth Day—2012

The birds dip and rise
In the blue firmament
Chorusing merrily,
Following each other,
Like screaming children
Coming back from their
Boring stiff schools,
The tiny birds settled on
The telephone or cable lines,
Humming, but at rest;
The multi-hued trees swaying,
Gracefully like delighted maidens,
Walking down to the village green,
Their slender arms moving slightly,
In the naughty summer breeze,
The morning sun,
Not yet hot,
Streaming down,
As a flood of light,
On the earth—
Assuring gift,
On this Earth Day,
And the message,
If greedy raiders do not stop
Pillaging silent mother earth,
All these gifts will become
A thing of the past.

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