KNOW THYSELF… / Poem by Natalia Govsha

On all the roads that arose
from my mother’s bosom
and flowed
along the earth’s burden
of various prisms of existence –
wilting and blossoming,
through a bright day
and night, gloomy
as a free human
with the spark of God
in my blood
I walked forward
with an obsession.
And… I didn’t look back
even if I was off the track.
I searched for answers
in signs, visions, perceptions
for unanswered questions.
I have fallen into a furious abyss.
I have risen above the tallest peaks,
burning with the sun reflection
withered with thirst.
I was ascended and
I was cursed…
The skin is torn off…
Flesh hangs from the bones…
A heart is torn out of my chest
and burns with a torch –
I have passed all the roads
assigned to me.
And between time and eternity
on the verge of confession
in repentance
I become the essence
of divine revelation…
©Natalia Govsha

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